Thursday, May 10

st. george!

Last weekend we went to St. George!! It was wonderful and so warm! We basically went to the pool and ate lots of yummy food. Thank you to my parents for coming down and entertaining us :)
This is breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe!
Pool time!
In 'n' Out! 
Running with my dad! He is super speedy. He tried to make me run a mile as fast as i could and the best I could do was 8 minutes. Then he made me do it again. Once we did that, he took off and ran a mile in 6:30! WHAT THE!
We went to watch the Ironman finishers!! They are so hard core and inspiring! 
This is the 1st woman to cross the finish line. She is my hero!! Now that is a legitimate athlete! 
More pool side pics.
Last night we biked out to Utah Lake. and i got a flat tire. stupid gigantic thorn. I did that on our last bike ride too. Luckily devin is super useful and fixed that tire.

that's me.
and here is Dev.

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