Saturday, June 30

Day 2!

Tower of London
Tower bridge
Buckingham palace

All is well in London!! :)
Off to Portobello market

Thursday, June 28

Day 1 of London town

Hyde park
Big ben
London eye
Trafalgar square
National gallery
Piccadilly circus

And that was all after our red-eye...I'm ready for bed!

Wednesday, June 27


Our adventure has begun! We started packing for this three week trip about an hour before we had to be at the airport. That's just how we roll..
We are at the Chicago airport about to take off to the London-heathrow airport. We are so excited to get there and start exploring Europe! (I'm especially happy that I found a blogging app so that I can do this all from my phone!) wish us luck!!

Tuesday, June 26


Last night we celebrated two years of marital bliss :) we went swimming during the day and then to dinner at a yummy Italian place: cucina Toscana. It was so fun! I feel so lucky to be married to the most amazing husband. Love you Dev!

Monday, June 25

home sweet home... til wednesday

On Tuesday at midnight, we took the red eye to Cancun. I was EXHAUSTED! Those red eye flights are killer! We arrived in Cancun on Tuesday at about 1 ish.
We wandered around the resort to find Devin's family, who arrived the previous saturday.
This is how we found hallie:
We went swimming after we found hallie, played some pool volleyball, and drank virgin pina coladas. It was delightful!

That night we went to dinner at this great japanese restaurant! and that's when it started to rain....
and rain... and rain... and rain...

But we still had fun. For instance, we went to a cooking class! We learned how to make guacamole and  ceviche. And we got sweet aprons!
Another rainy day activity was going to the mall and getting a fish spa therapy. NO THANK YOU! All of the women we were with got the therapy, but I refused. You put your feet in these tanks and little fish eat off your dead skin. That is disgusting!!
My cute mother in law was freaking out and almost passed out because she forgot to breathe.
We went to a lot of fun dinners and parties. We went on this trip for my father in law's company retreat for the top sellers in the company. There is a trip each year and it's so fun to see our friends from all over the world... phillipines, costa rica, etc. They are amazing people and it's been fun to get to know them!
Here is Steve speaking at the farewell dinner.

The beach was gorgeous! It was fun being so close to the water.

But it definitely rained THE ENTIRE TIME! It was crazy! Hopefully I can get tan in italy :)
Here's a rain picture that was taken on the last day. As soon as we got to the airport it started to clear up and get sunny. haha wow! Just our luck. But it was still fun!

Saturday, June 23

my best friend's wedding

My best friend, Stefi, got married on Tuesday! I am so happy for her and Blake! They make the cutest couple and seem so happy together. 
It was THE PERFECT weather that day. 70's... sunny....not a cloud in the sky. It was incredible! And stefi looked gorgeous of course! 
So fun to be with these girls!
And this lady of course!... 
and my sweet hubby came to ALL of the wedding festivities! He is the best!

Monday, June 18

RAGNAR 2012!!

In April, my principal got an email asking for another person to join their ragnar team. I decided to do it because A. it would be free (we were sponsored) and B. I have always wanted to do it but it's hard to find a team, and it's expensive, etc. So I signed up!
My team was made up of 12 teachers who were running for the company "Imagine Learning". It was pretty fun to meet new people, but at the same time i think it would be a lot more fun if I did it with friends. But anyway... it was definitely an adventure! We ran a total of 192 miles across the wasatch mountains: from Logan to Park City!

Here is van #1 at the start! I was runner number 1 and so I got to start us off!
We got a "Rag-Mag" that had all of the different legs, driving directions, maps, elevation, etc.
This is a picture of the first leg I did. I ran a total of 21 miles! I was EXHAUSTED to say the least.
This is during my second leg which was 8.6 miles. It went from Snow Basin ski resort, down the mountain into Morgan Canyon. It was gorgeous!

Devin and my dad came to watch me finish my second leg. I was sooooo happy to see them! I just didn't seem happy when they saw me, because my van never stopped and gave me water during my second leg and so I ran all 8.6 without anything. It was HORRIBLE!

This is finishing up leg #2
After sleeping only for 3 hours over 2 days, sleeping on a gym floor with smelly,snoring men, using about a billion porta potties along the way, and being stuck in a smelly, cramped mini van for 2 days, WE MADE IT across the finish line!

I got a sweeet medal and the best part: A STICKER FOR MY CAR!

Tomorrow by best friend stefi is getting married!! and then Dev and I go to Cancun at midnight!!

Wednesday, June 13

shower for stefi!

Last week I had a shower for my best friend, Stefi! 
It was really fun and I am so excited for her to get married next week!!

My mom and me. She was the brains behind this operation. She has the best ideas and is so creative!
Yummy cupcakes from Backer's Bakery!

A view from above, thanks to Ash
All of the ladies. I was so happy with the turn out!
best friends forever! I've known these girls since junior high and it was so fun to get together!

Congrats stefi!!! 

Friday, June 8

Alaskan Cruise

last week we were on an Alaskan cruise with Devin's family. It was so much fun! and gorgeous!
First we flew to Seattle where our cruise began.
Such a beautiful city!

We spent the night there and so we were lucky enough to meet up with my cousin Adam and wife Katie. It was so fun to see them!
The next morning we got up and explored Pike Place Market before our ship left.

Here is our living room on the cruise. we had an awesome view!
This is our cute little butler, Erlindo.
This is our room 
Lunch off the back of the boat. Always so much delicious food to choose from.
More food on the boat!
We went on a few excursions at our stops: Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria.
The first one was a sea plane to the Taku Lodge (in the middle of no where) where they feed you delicious salmon off of a grill. Yummy!

In the plane.
A huge glacier that we flew over!
We walked to this pretty waterfall when we got there.

While we were eating, a huge black bear came up and licked the leftover salmon off of the grill. It was so cool!
Isn't he cute?
Glacier behind us.
Another excursion we went on, was a train ride through the mountains.
Here we are going through a tunnel.

Sleepy brothers
Another excursion we did was another sea plane to the misty fjords! It was so pretty! I got a little scared and felt like we were going to crash at times, but that's okay. We landed right on the water and got to look around!
In Victoria we just walked around and stopped at the Empress Hotel to see how cool it is.

Victoria is such a pretty city and super nice.
And here we are back at the Seattle airport to go home. Goodbye Alaska!