Friday, June 8

Alaskan Cruise

last week we were on an Alaskan cruise with Devin's family. It was so much fun! and gorgeous!
First we flew to Seattle where our cruise began.
Such a beautiful city!

We spent the night there and so we were lucky enough to meet up with my cousin Adam and wife Katie. It was so fun to see them!
The next morning we got up and explored Pike Place Market before our ship left.

Here is our living room on the cruise. we had an awesome view!
This is our cute little butler, Erlindo.
This is our room 
Lunch off the back of the boat. Always so much delicious food to choose from.
More food on the boat!
We went on a few excursions at our stops: Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria.
The first one was a sea plane to the Taku Lodge (in the middle of no where) where they feed you delicious salmon off of a grill. Yummy!

In the plane.
A huge glacier that we flew over!
We walked to this pretty waterfall when we got there.

While we were eating, a huge black bear came up and licked the leftover salmon off of the grill. It was so cool!
Isn't he cute?
Glacier behind us.
Another excursion we went on, was a train ride through the mountains.
Here we are going through a tunnel.

Sleepy brothers
Another excursion we did was another sea plane to the misty fjords! It was so pretty! I got a little scared and felt like we were going to crash at times, but that's okay. We landed right on the water and got to look around!
In Victoria we just walked around and stopped at the Empress Hotel to see how cool it is.

Victoria is such a pretty city and super nice.
And here we are back at the Seattle airport to go home. Goodbye Alaska!

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