Monday, June 18

RAGNAR 2012!!

In April, my principal got an email asking for another person to join their ragnar team. I decided to do it because A. it would be free (we were sponsored) and B. I have always wanted to do it but it's hard to find a team, and it's expensive, etc. So I signed up!
My team was made up of 12 teachers who were running for the company "Imagine Learning". It was pretty fun to meet new people, but at the same time i think it would be a lot more fun if I did it with friends. But anyway... it was definitely an adventure! We ran a total of 192 miles across the wasatch mountains: from Logan to Park City!

Here is van #1 at the start! I was runner number 1 and so I got to start us off!
We got a "Rag-Mag" that had all of the different legs, driving directions, maps, elevation, etc.
This is a picture of the first leg I did. I ran a total of 21 miles! I was EXHAUSTED to say the least.
This is during my second leg which was 8.6 miles. It went from Snow Basin ski resort, down the mountain into Morgan Canyon. It was gorgeous!

Devin and my dad came to watch me finish my second leg. I was sooooo happy to see them! I just didn't seem happy when they saw me, because my van never stopped and gave me water during my second leg and so I ran all 8.6 without anything. It was HORRIBLE!

This is finishing up leg #2
After sleeping only for 3 hours over 2 days, sleeping on a gym floor with smelly,snoring men, using about a billion porta potties along the way, and being stuck in a smelly, cramped mini van for 2 days, WE MADE IT across the finish line!

I got a sweeet medal and the best part: A STICKER FOR MY CAR!

Tomorrow by best friend stefi is getting married!! and then Dev and I go to Cancun at midnight!!

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