Thursday, July 5

Crisp apple strudel

Yesterday we left munich and BARELY made it on our train in time. We were a little confused about which train was ours... I swear I am going to need a lot of sleep after this trip. We have had some pretty stressful moments.

We arrived here in Salzburg. I'm in love with Austria! It is GORGEOUS! Today I was in heaven because we went on a sound of music tour!! They took us to all of the sights and up into the lake district in the mountains. It is so beautiful! We even ate some crisp apple strudel next to the church where they filmed the wedding scene!

Tomorrow we head off to Switzerland! We shall see how this goes.. We haven't booked a hotel yet because we aren't sure which town we want to stay in... We are nomads

Wish us luck! And enjoy the pics!

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