Monday, July 2

Day 4- Paris at a glance...

This morning we came to Paris on a train at 5:50 am. We spent the day here... Which is totally enough time. Let's be honest... French people are mean and grumpy!! I'm sure there are some nice frenchies out there, but everyone we have encountered today has been so mean!! Ok. Rant over.

We saw some pretty awesome places today because we hopped on one of those open air buses. It was sooo fun! I don't know why I like bus tours so much, but I do.

We went all over and saw a ton in just 7 hours! Here are the pictures!
We are off to Munich in one hour! I'm excited to go there despite the mishap we had with the tickets. We were supposed to be getting 2 beds so we could sleep on the way there, but now we have to sit in chairs for 11 hours. I told D we will laugh about this one day... He's not convinced... Au revoir!

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