Saturday, July 7


I'm in love with switzerland!! It is so pretty! I can't even express how amazing it is up here!

Today was the perfect weather so we took a train up to "the top of Europe"! It is so pretty and COLD! We were able to look out over the Alps! We loved it so much and can't get over the views we have seen.

That took most of the day so we came back and washed our clothes in the tub... Pretty classy eh? I guess ya just do what ya gotta do!

After that we went out walkin and found one of those tight rope things.. The cool kids call it a slack rope. We both got pretty dang good and I got over my fear of heights. Win!

Tomorrow we are off to Italy! I can't believe we have 10 days left. This trip is nuts!!

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. I'm so happy your European Adventure has been such a success. I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures. Have a great rest of the trip. Love, GK


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