Tuesday, July 3

Night train to Munich

2 Mormons, 2 African evangelicals, 1 Muslim, and 1 atheist all step onto a train... And sit in a tiny smelly room together for 11 hours. Sounds like the start to a good joke right? ..

Boy did we have a weird night. We sat in a tiny room of three chairs facing three other chairs with THE most random people ever! Which equals: claustrophobia, stinky feet, no sleep, no leg room and some great conversations. It was interesting to say the least... We had a woman from china, a man from Algeria, and a man and woman from the Congo (who didn't know each other). But we survived and have had some good laughs.

We eventually made it here to Munich ! And we are exhausted but wandering around the city until our hotel lets us in.

Munich is way cool and it's crazy to see different places related to world war 2. Example: odeonsplatz

Here are some pics

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