Saturday, July 14


Today we slept in til 10! It was crazy! I woke up and thought it was 4 am but was obviously wrong. I guess we are getting a bit tired over here...

We got on the worst bus tour of my life! And it was all my idea. Poor Dev- he just goes along with the things I put us through :) it was a bus that drove us all over Rome and you can hop off whenever you want. The problem is that it is SO HOT here and the bus driver would get off every few stops for a smoke break for like 25 minutes, leaving us all in the sun. Like he literally turned off the bus, got out, walked Over to some shade and lit up a cig. I seriously thought I was going to die.

We got off a few hours later... And went to our hotel to rest for a bit in the nice air conditioned room.

We went back out and went over to the pantheon which was so cool! Then we walked over to the colosseum and went in and did an audio tour. It was way cool! This city is sweet with all of its old buildings and stuff.

We came back and showered and then went to dinner at a cute pizza place. It was delicious. One of the pictures below is of Dev lining up the bread crumbs.

We walked around some more and went to sit on the Spanish steps to people watch!

Now it's time for bed! I can't believe we only have 3 days left!

P.s. one of the pictures below is for you dad! We are doing the "Blaine face"

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