Friday, July 13


Today we arrived in Rome! It's pretty cool here and not really what I pictured at all! But that's how this whole trip has been. My imagination is Way off!

We checked into our hotel, which is around the corner from Trevi fountain! Then we walked around a bunch. It's such a cool city and every corner you turn there is some gigantic building or sculpture. We came around a corner today and there was the colosseum right there in front of us. So cool!

We went to McDonald's for dinner. Why do I love that place so much when I'm out of the country? I never ever eat it when I'm at home. But for some reason it makes me feel at home. Haha those nasty little chicken nuggets

P.s. it is soooo hot! I showered 3 times today! It's insane

Now for some pictures...

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