Wednesday, July 11


Wow! What a day!

We got up, ate some breakfast, and caught the train to Venice! 2 hours later we arrived and stArted wandering. It is such a cool city and so much better than I ever imagined! The streets are so cool and I love watching all the boats maneuver around each other. Amazing!

We walked to the main square which took about an hour and a half. It was hotter than Hades!!! Around 90 degrees and humid. It was pretty crazy to be outside in that all day, but luckily we had gelato to help us out!

We walked and walked and went in the basilica and walked some more. Then we took a gondola ride! It was so fun! Our little gondola man was very nice ! Italians are great and I love their accents! "Mama Mia! Pizzeria!"

We ran into missionaries! They were so cute! I said "hi elders!" and they all turned and stopped. Ha We talked to them for a bit. Some of them looked quite scared.. Ya know- the deer in the headlights look? probably just arrived from the mtc!

Anyway we walked some more and had more gelato. Then we went back to the train station.

On our way back to Florence we sat next to some other Mormons! It was so funny because Dev and I were just chatting away and this girl kept looking over and smiling and laughing at us. I was like, what is this girl's deal? After a few minutes she asked "you're mormon right?" I said "how did you know"? And Dev answered for her, "cuz we're the only people wearing modest clothes on this hot day" ... Touché...touché...
We had a nice chat with them. Gotta love mormons! There aren't too many out here!

When we got back to Florence we wandered around to find some pizza (which isn't very hard to find here) and we heard this organ playing! We walked into this little church and there was this organ concert! The dude was blasting that thing and it was the best organ performance I have ever heard! It was incredible. We sat in this church only lit by candles, listening to the best music ever! Only in Florence... It was magical!

Love it here!

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