Friday, July 6

Wengen, Switzerland

Right now we are in this tiny town high up in the Swiss alps!!!! It is GORGEOUS! And I think this might be my favorite place so far! The mountains are beautiful and the air is such a nice change after breathing in cigarette smoke in all the cities we have been in. I'm loving it! We can hear the cow bells in the distance and the sheep/goats. It's like we are in the movie babe!

One downside... How expensive this place is. We just went to dinner and a small jug of TAP WATER was 4 buckaroos!!!! I will put a picture below of how small the jug was. It's nuts! Oh America how I miss you and your oversized fountain drinks! (and ice...lots and lots of ice)

Anyway.. All we did today was take trains. And I'm very pleased to say that we didn't miss one single train. We had a few train stops where we only had about 6 minutes to get to our other train. It's crazy. But the countryside through Austria and Switzerland has been incredible! There's nothing like it!

Well enjoy the pics!

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