Thursday, August 30

some cycling and the temple

The other night we went for a bike ride. I tell you, this place is great for cycling. It's flat, and there are tons of trails and parks. 

I love this picture. There was a storm coming in and it just looks so cool.
we took a break so my bum could recover. 
and went a little camera crazy.

all of this laying in the grass made me so itchy! and i broke out in a crazy rash on my legs and arms. it was awful.

Yesterday we made the trek to the temple, which is about 30 minutes away from us.
That's like driving from Salt Lake to Provo just to go to the temple! Crazy.
It was worth it though.
and so pretty!
Just look at those beautiful clouds Ash!
Then we went to Chili's because we found a gift card from our wedding!
And our waiter gave us a free bag of chips + salsa to take home! Win.

Update on the job hunt:
I had an interview the other day. Still waiting to hear back...
and Devin just had a phone interview about 5 minutes ago! and is waiting to hear back about some other jobs.
Things are looking up, I just can't believe how long it takes to find a job! It's tough.

So excited for the weekend! 
We are off to Texas tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, August 28

a hair dilemma.

I have a dilemma...
 how do I keep my extensions while living in a place that's pricier than Provo? (oh by the way-my hair is fake)
I love extensions sooooo much and love how my hair looks with them. 
But I can't decide if the price of tightening them is worth it.
:( Sad day.
I called dozens of salons this afternoon trying to find the best price and I think I found a pretty decent place. But I just don't know if it's worth it. Ya know?
Here's the evidence.



I'm torn...

Monday, August 27

wish upon a star

Last night we watched the classic, Wish Upon a Star. (by we I mean I. Devin was on the phone outside for the majority of it.) Did anyone else watch this movie when they were little?? I always wanted to be Alexia Wheaton. If you've never seen it, watch it on Netflix now! You won't regret it. 
P.S. can you believe that's katherine heigl?
This morning I lifted weights for 20 minutes, did elliptical for 30 minutes and then ran for 30 while watching Gossip Girl. I am SOOOO in the mood for fall now! I watched some episodes that take place during Thanksgiving time and it made me so excited!

Look at my legit muscle! I'm HUGE! That's 3 weeks of lifting weights baby! 
Tonight we went and played in the park. We threw our frisbee and flew our kite. Or i guess you could just say we ran with a kite following behind us. There wasn't too much wind. But we got it up a couple of times!

Exciting news:
I have a job interview tomorrow.
Someone in the ward invited us over for dinner this week. 

Can you believe that? 

Saturday, August 25

F is for fair

Today we had the most amazing time at the 
Colorado State Fair!
It was a last minute decision, but we decided we had nothing else to do. So why not drive 2 hours to a little place called Pueblo?
Totally worth it.

The drive was really pretty and we actually saw some mountains and some pine trees!
Oh how I miss seeing mountains all the time.
When we got there we just wandered around, looked at a bunch of booths, and stopped at the Romney booth to get some stickers!
See how excited I am about it?
Devin played with the pigs. They reminded me of Babe! But they sure smelled and they all were very very sleepy.
We went on a few rides! I love fair rides so much! They make me happy.
On this ride I had to close my eyes about 74.2 % of the time. It was so scary. You are way high up and they swing you around upside down. And Devin threatened to unscrew my harness during the ride. Terrifying to say the least.

I kid you not, we saw the world's smallest woman. 
I thought it was a joke and that there would just be some doll that looked like a person.
Oh no... It was totally real. It was a midget from Haiti sitting on a table in a little lounge chair.
can you say awkward??
We each paid a dollar (they make bank. there were so many people going in) and then we walked in, saw her, and just waved awkwardly and walked away.
She looked pretty angry...
Devin bought some deep fried oreos. They look disgusting. But WOW they were delicious. Who new? I limited myself to just a few bites.
Here's a close up
And that about sums it up!

Thursday, August 23

weird is fun

I really love my pope key chain.
Last night we went to walk around some shops downtown. 
We found THE best store ever!
Full of really awesome people playing world of warcraft at card tables. It was perfect.

And they had mini giraffes. (this isn't where I got my pope keychain. That's from Rome of course!)
They close the store, but let people stay who are playing dungeons and dragons!
I told devin we need to join so that we can make friends.
Then we went in the mall and tried on hipster glasses and I bought a unicorn shirt.

Tuesday, August 21

a dresser and twist tie

Today I got up at eleven... I don't know what my deal is. If I don't set an alarm, I will sleep for 11 or 12 hours straight. 

I went to the gym at noon. and wore my new running clothes! Awesome. And did the HIIT workout I posted last week. 

Last night we went to IKEA to get the dresser that I have wanted for a couple of weeks. When we got there, they were totally out of them. I was so sad. But then we decided to go over to the AS IS section where they sell the floor models, and returns. 
The stars were aligned! because our dresser was there- already built and everything. (that saved us 3+ hours of aggravation.)
And it was $100 DOLLARS LESS!!

Everything was so perfect that something was bound to go wrong.
We were driving home (IKEA is 25-30 minutes away) and it started POURING rain. 
As we were lifting it out of the truck hastily, I sacrificed my shorts and rubbed against a car. 
Here' s a bum shot:

Today I cleaned and emptied all of these boxes! It's becoming a fire hazard

I'm really proud of our wall.
On a random note... Devin was looking around for the twist tie to the tortillas (it was right in front of him). I walked over and said "are you serious?" Bless his color blind heart :) 
Can any of you see the green twist tie? This is a color blind test.

Monday, August 20

Vegas weekend

This weekend we went on a quick trip to Vegas! It was a lot of fun and very very warm. But full of shopping... eating.... shows... and roller coasters.

Here we are at the Bellagio.
Caesars Palace for some shopping. We almost felt like we were back in Rome!
Of course we went to the Nike store. Love that place.
Here is my FIL in front of a pic of Alyson Felix from the Olympics. He did her sports physicals when she was in high school. Crazy huh! 
He's basically famous.
Purchasing some amazing running clothes. (I got the cutest running skirt that I can't wait to wear!)
More shopping and eating gelato at Caesars Palace.

We went to dinner at Bobby Flay's restaurant: Red Mesa Grill. It was incredible! I ordered the pork tenderloin. INCREDIBLE! 
I love that place.
We also went to a couple of shows. The Beatles show at the Mirage was amazing! We loved it.
It was a very fun weekend and we were so sad to leave 
this morning. 
Back to reality. . 
and icing and heating up my neck because of my whip lash from 
the New York New York roller coaster. 
Yeah that happened...But it was totally worth it!  Roller coasters make me so happy!

Friday, August 17

HIIT Workout + rio!

Today I did a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Treadmill Workout that rocked my world. (I got it off of pinterest.) It was so hard! I definitely need to do more intervals because every part of my body is sore and tired from it. It's awesome! 
We ran some errands today.  He really wanted two bags of chips instead of one. How could I say no to this face? I caved.
I was tricked at the post office into buying LAME-o stamps from a machine. I thought they would be cute flag stamps, but I was wrong. The lady at the desk wouldn't let me trade them in for cute stamps. And she even followed up with: "I think they're kind of cool." Are we looking at the same thing? 
I text my mom and she verified they were weird. (Devin was just confused during the whole thing)
Devin took me on a surprise date tonight. We drove 25 minutes to Cafe Rio and was shocked that there wasn't a line! Clearly Coloradans haven't been introduced to the magical barbacoa pork. It is heaven! I will probably dream about it tonight.
Then Devin took me to a Rockies game. Gotta love a good Friday night baseball game!
Gorgeous night!

Gotta go pack. We're off to Vegas in the morning!

Thursday, August 16

Ya win some, ya lose some.

Today we got up and went to the gym. Yes WE! I was so excited to have Dev tag along.
The Daily Health Tip Email that I get everyday sent me this today:
And let's just say it was AWEsome! I definitely recommend it!

We went swimming after that.

And then I went to another job interview.
I drove there for about 20 minutes and then drove past it twice because it was a really really busy 
one way street and all of the parking spots were taken. so frustrating. I hate one way streets. So I kept doing big loops to try and get going the right direction. After about 20 minutes of that I gave up and called the lady and said someone called and offered me a job. 
I'm a liar.
But it was ghetto and I didn't want to work so far away anyway. So why waste our time?

I drove back home in defeat.

Tonight I had great intentions of going to a relief society movie night. But I bailed at the last minute. Target with my hubby sounded much better then trying to make friends. 

Ya win some ya lose my friend stefi would say.

Wednesday, August 15

a bump on my head and some hippie granola

Today I ran 4 miles and it was soooo hard. But i'm so proud that I did it.
Yesterday we received the sweetest house warming gift from my parents. (the flowers are the gift. not all of the holiday decorations covering our counter). I just love flowers!
I made rice krispie treats. BEST DECISION EVER
Today we went to Target and Dev put a garbage can on his head to be silly. 1.3 seconds after this picture was taken, that garbage can fell on my head and made a little bump on my head. I was very very sad.

So dev made it up to me by getting some frozen yogurt at menchies. And miraculously the bump went away and I felt much better.

Then we went to a pizza place next door so Dev could get a slice for lunch. The guy gave us two pieces FOR FREE! He was like "here ya go. They aren't that great (they had been sitting in a heater for a while) so I'm not going to charge you". But it was still delicious! WIN

We drove around and ended up in Boulder. It's a really cute college town close to the mountains. (i miss seeing mountains every day. We can't see them from where we live.) 
Everyone in boulder wears cargo pants and rides their bike. It's bizarre how similar everyone is. They've got the "all natural" look goin on. We fit in perfectly because I didn't wash my hair today and Dev was wearing cargo pants. It was meant to be.

We walked through a little farmers market and drank some YUMMY fresh squeezed lemonade. And checked out the hippie granola.

I had a job interview tonight! and I have one tomorrow! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!
Oh and congrats to my favorite blogger hungryrunnergirl! She had her baby today :)