Wednesday, August 15

a bump on my head and some hippie granola

Today I ran 4 miles and it was soooo hard. But i'm so proud that I did it.
Yesterday we received the sweetest house warming gift from my parents. (the flowers are the gift. not all of the holiday decorations covering our counter). I just love flowers!
I made rice krispie treats. BEST DECISION EVER
Today we went to Target and Dev put a garbage can on his head to be silly. 1.3 seconds after this picture was taken, that garbage can fell on my head and made a little bump on my head. I was very very sad.

So dev made it up to me by getting some frozen yogurt at menchies. And miraculously the bump went away and I felt much better.

Then we went to a pizza place next door so Dev could get a slice for lunch. The guy gave us two pieces FOR FREE! He was like "here ya go. They aren't that great (they had been sitting in a heater for a while) so I'm not going to charge you". But it was still delicious! WIN

We drove around and ended up in Boulder. It's a really cute college town close to the mountains. (i miss seeing mountains every day. We can't see them from where we live.) 
Everyone in boulder wears cargo pants and rides their bike. It's bizarre how similar everyone is. They've got the "all natural" look goin on. We fit in perfectly because I didn't wash my hair today and Dev was wearing cargo pants. It was meant to be.

We walked through a little farmers market and drank some YUMMY fresh squeezed lemonade. And checked out the hippie granola.

I had a job interview tonight! and I have one tomorrow! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!
Oh and congrats to my favorite blogger hungryrunnergirl! She had her baby today :)

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