Tuesday, August 21

a dresser and twist tie

Today I got up at eleven... I don't know what my deal is. If I don't set an alarm, I will sleep for 11 or 12 hours straight. 

I went to the gym at noon. and wore my new running clothes! Awesome. And did the HIIT workout I posted last week. 

Last night we went to IKEA to get the dresser that I have wanted for a couple of weeks. When we got there, they were totally out of them. I was so sad. But then we decided to go over to the AS IS section where they sell the floor models, and returns. 
The stars were aligned! because our dresser was there- already built and everything. (that saved us 3+ hours of aggravation.)
And it was $100 DOLLARS LESS!!

Everything was so perfect that something was bound to go wrong.
We were driving home (IKEA is 25-30 minutes away) and it started POURING rain. 
As we were lifting it out of the truck hastily, I sacrificed my shorts and rubbed against a car. 
Here' s a bum shot:

Today I cleaned and emptied all of these boxes! It's becoming a fire hazard

I'm really proud of our wall.
On a random note... Devin was looking around for the twist tie to the tortillas (it was right in front of him). I walked over and said "are you serious?" Bless his color blind heart :) 
Can any of you see the green twist tie? This is a color blind test.

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  1. Ah to be able to sleep for 11-12 hours straight...Enjoy it while you can! The last time I did that was on our 10 year anniversary trip when my parents were watching the kids. It was pretty glorious :) That's exciting that you guys are in Denver now! Keep us updated with the job search! Hope you find something that you love!


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