Saturday, August 11

away from home

Here we are in Denver, Colorado! We packed up our Uhaul on Tuesday and made our way out here.
Here we are at one of our stops along the way.
Here's Devin and Sean picking up some amazing melons! Sean came along with us to help out with the move. They liked him so much at the fruit stand that they offered him a job!

This is our living room/kitchen. We love our apartment, and most importantly, its location. It's in a really good neighborhood and the community is REALLY involved. Every night there is something going on.. outdoor movie night... kids's great! (But I still miss Utah. I just try not to think about it.)
Here is our helper! I was so sad to say goodbye to him yesterday.
I'm trying to fit in with the Coloradans by working out! Our neighborhood is great to run and bike in! I haven't run since the Ragnar back in June because of our trips to Europe and Mexico. It's been soooooo hard to run now. Today and yesterday I ran 2 miles and thought I was going to die. It was so hard!! It's crazy how quickly you can lose endurance!

This is our mess. Some of it is cleaned up now.
Our neighborhood.
Our pool! Devin has even gotten in the Coloradan spirit and he swam some laps today! 
Such a pretty evening.

Now I just need to convince people to come and visit!
AND find a job! Anyone have connections in Denver?? 

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  1. The actual moving process is brutal, but once you're done with it, you'll have a ton of fun exploring all the new stuff! What is Devin doing for work in Denver? Have you looked at any private schools? Things will get easier! Maybe try volunteering at a local hospital or animal shelter a couple times a week, while you search for a job. I'm glad you love your roommate and can hang with him in the mean time ;) XOX, Lee


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