Monday, August 13

european croissants and a really great outfit

I got up today with great intentions to go to a neighborhood yoga class in the park. ummm I got there and no one was there. But I wasn't deterred! I went running instead and it was awesome. I ran a whole 3 miles!! haha slowly but surely I'll get back to where I was at. 

Oh and I lost 6 pounds this month! I'm so proud of myself. I kicked those european croissants in the pants! That european food is just hard to pass up and now i'm paying for it!

Devin's brother called us today from the airport! He just left the mtc today and is on his way to mexico. He is so amazing and I'm so proud of him. Here is a pic of devin talking to him.

I bet you can't guess what we did today. Drum roll please..... LOOKED FOR JOBS! I applied for 6 jobs. And many of them included the sketchy schools which I'm okay with at this point. i think. And devin was more successful and was able to talk to the University and is going to take some business classes to work towards an MBA. (there's a dual program: medical and business.) 

Tonight  we went on a lovely bike ride to find the four pools in our neighborhood. It is such a beautiful night and so relaxing (minus the yappy little dog that ran towards us).. Coloradans really really really love their dogs. 

Check out my awesome outfit. Dev was a little embarrassed.. oversized cutoff sweats... running shoes... totally goes

On a really sad, horrible note...
Please please please pray for my sister and her husband and in-laws at this time. There was a horrible, tragic accident today and their brother in law passed away. It is such a huge loss and he was, and is, such an amazing guy. I know that prayer works and so please keep them in your prayers.

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