Saturday, August 25

F is for fair

Today we had the most amazing time at the 
Colorado State Fair!
It was a last minute decision, but we decided we had nothing else to do. So why not drive 2 hours to a little place called Pueblo?
Totally worth it.

The drive was really pretty and we actually saw some mountains and some pine trees!
Oh how I miss seeing mountains all the time.
When we got there we just wandered around, looked at a bunch of booths, and stopped at the Romney booth to get some stickers!
See how excited I am about it?
Devin played with the pigs. They reminded me of Babe! But they sure smelled and they all were very very sleepy.
We went on a few rides! I love fair rides so much! They make me happy.
On this ride I had to close my eyes about 74.2 % of the time. It was so scary. You are way high up and they swing you around upside down. And Devin threatened to unscrew my harness during the ride. Terrifying to say the least.

I kid you not, we saw the world's smallest woman. 
I thought it was a joke and that there would just be some doll that looked like a person.
Oh no... It was totally real. It was a midget from Haiti sitting on a table in a little lounge chair.
can you say awkward??
We each paid a dollar (they make bank. there were so many people going in) and then we walked in, saw her, and just waved awkwardly and walked away.
She looked pretty angry...
Devin bought some deep fried oreos. They look disgusting. But WOW they were delicious. Who new? I limited myself to just a few bites.
Here's a close up
And that about sums it up!


  1. that's so cool you went to pueblo! craig served there on his mission :) we tried a deep fried twinkie on our honeymoon, which sounds way gross cuz twinkies aren't that great anyways, but it was way good. we heard they do deep fried pb & j now and we're dying to try one.

  2. Okay, just have to say that I LOVE that you were rockin' a Romney sticker for the whole fair! Woot woot!! Very nice! And yeah, totally awkward with the worlds' smallest woman thing, haha! That is just weird!!

  3. Oh p.s. Friend Oreos?? YES PLEASE!!!


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