Friday, August 17

HIIT Workout + rio!

Today I did a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Treadmill Workout that rocked my world. (I got it off of pinterest.) It was so hard! I definitely need to do more intervals because every part of my body is sore and tired from it. It's awesome! 
We ran some errands today.  He really wanted two bags of chips instead of one. How could I say no to this face? I caved.
I was tricked at the post office into buying LAME-o stamps from a machine. I thought they would be cute flag stamps, but I was wrong. The lady at the desk wouldn't let me trade them in for cute stamps. And she even followed up with: "I think they're kind of cool." Are we looking at the same thing? 
I text my mom and she verified they were weird. (Devin was just confused during the whole thing)
Devin took me on a surprise date tonight. We drove 25 minutes to Cafe Rio and was shocked that there wasn't a line! Clearly Coloradans haven't been introduced to the magical barbacoa pork. It is heaven! I will probably dream about it tonight.
Then Devin took me to a Rockies game. Gotta love a good Friday night baseball game!
Gorgeous night!

Gotta go pack. We're off to Vegas in the morning!

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