Sunday, August 12

job searching and the most wonderful time of the year

Today was our first day at church. Not really what I expected, and I may have called my mom crying because of the lack of friendliness/outgoing-ness... but luckily I have the best mom ever and she gave me great advice and even emailed me "10 suggestions for moving into a new ward". haha isn't that the best?

Now we're just job searching as usual (while watching the closing ceremony of the olympics). Who knew it could be so difficult to find a job? All of the job openings are at schools that are "hard to teach areas" meaning they are super sketchy... It actually says that on the job posting  page: This is a designated hard to staff position. As such it is possibly eligible for a 3% bonus. 

sweet! a 3% bonus? Pretty sure it should be more than that. I actually would apply, but I just don't feel like i'm tough enough. I mean, I cried after going to church today... not a good sign..

I googled "job search" and this popped up. How sad
But we all know that this is a better depiction of what it's like...Right? she just looks so happy

On a happier note, things are looking up! Shark week is this week! The most wonderful time of the year! AND i'm super sore from working out- which is always awesome!


  1. I cried our first Sunday in our ward too! Blake was confused hahaha. It gets better!!!

  2. Moving is hard, I totally hear ya. Our first week here I cried a bunch, but it starts to feel better once you get settled in!

  3. Thinking of you! It's never easy to join a new ward. Some of ours have been great! And some I was asked if I was still asked if I was new after being in the ward for 9 months... I got very used to sitting along (especially when Alex was gone). Some of the best advice I got was "don't wait to be watered, do the watering" In other words, don't wait for people to come to you - look for someone else that seems alone and sit with them. Love you lots Steph!!!

  4. Thanks for the advice girls! It'll take some getting used to I guess. Glad i'm not the only one :)


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