Thursday, August 30

some cycling and the temple

The other night we went for a bike ride. I tell you, this place is great for cycling. It's flat, and there are tons of trails and parks. 

I love this picture. There was a storm coming in and it just looks so cool.
we took a break so my bum could recover. 
and went a little camera crazy.

all of this laying in the grass made me so itchy! and i broke out in a crazy rash on my legs and arms. it was awful.

Yesterday we made the trek to the temple, which is about 30 minutes away from us.
That's like driving from Salt Lake to Provo just to go to the temple! Crazy.
It was worth it though.
and so pretty!
Just look at those beautiful clouds Ash!
Then we went to Chili's because we found a gift card from our wedding!
And our waiter gave us a free bag of chips + salsa to take home! Win.

Update on the job hunt:
I had an interview the other day. Still waiting to hear back...
and Devin just had a phone interview about 5 minutes ago! and is waiting to hear back about some other jobs.
Things are looking up, I just can't believe how long it takes to find a job! It's tough.

So excited for the weekend! 
We are off to Texas tomorrow morning!

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  1. That is a crazy gorgeous picture of the storm! Hope you guys have fun in Texas!


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