Thursday, September 27

a rant. and some running

Excuse me while I rant for a moment.
The other day at the grocery store, this is how close (or far) I parked from the car next to me. 

As I was walking into the grocery store, a lady was walking out and said to the people with her (extra loud for me to hear) "Why do white people ALWAYS park so close to me?"

Excuse me???
How bout we stop being so racist!!
Can you imagine if I would've said, "Why do (fill in the blank...) people always park so close to me?"
I would've been put in jail or something. Sheesh!

Okay my rant is over. 

On a happier note, I met a really nice lady at the gym at the beginning of the week, and yesterday we went and ran together. It was a nice, easy 4 miles, but so fun to run with someone. (i love her accent-born and raised in Italy.)  The time went by really really fast. It was great!

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner! It was really fun and they are pretty hilarious. I made some yummy snickerdoodles for dessert because one of the elders is allergic to chocolate. Isn't that awful? Poor guy! 

Here's the recipe. It's amazing! (Bake them at 350 degrees- not 300 like it says.)

Are snickerdoodles a Utah thing? Because neither of the missionaries had ever heard of them before. (they are from vegas and canada...)

Tuesday, September 25

parents visit denver!

This weekend my parents came to visit Denver! It was so fun to show them around and have them see our new place.

They got here saturday morning and we walked over to Einstein's for breakfast. Delicious!

The pumpkin bagel is incredible by the way..
We went to IKEA and target. We got our first table! (at our apartment in provo, everything was furnished. and so this is our first table that we've actually owned.)

Isn't it gorgeous?? Thanks mom and dad!
We spent time putting the table together... eating pizza... and hanging out.

Then we went to a Rockie's game! It was such a gorgeous night to be outside.
We went to dinner after at Rockbottom Pub and Brewery. So yummy! 
I love this picture of my dad. Somehow he is horizontal...
The "Blaine face".
They came to our ward on Sunday and I'm pretty sure my dad knows more people in our ward after one day, than I know after 2 months. He is quite the social butterfly, as many of you probably know. By the end of church, he was introducing me to people. ..
We basically hung out that afternoon and I made a yummy Cilantro Lime Chicken Bake. Loved it! But it took quite a while to make. Lots of steps in that recipe.

After dinner, we went to a Mitt Romney Rally! It was amazing! I just love that guy and loved seeing him in person!

My dad made a new friend of course. They were hilarious together and telling all sorts of political jokes. My dad was totally in his element at this rally.

I love this country. And I love our flag.
So excited for mitt to arrive! (i love our friend in the background.)
Somehow we arrived at the perfect time, because we ended up being right up close to the stage on the second row! We were behind him, but that did not matter at all- he turned around a lot.
The best part was shaking his hand. I WAS FREAKING OUT! And he even looked me in the eye and said hi! ahhhhhhh. I was shaking so bad after because I was just so excited!

The best part was that we made it on Mitt's instagram! We are in the bottom left hand corner. 

The next day, I got up and worked out and met a new exercise buddy! (more on that later.) and then relaxed and slowly got ready.
I think we all wore each other out this weekend. My mom didn't wake up til 11! 
When we all were ready, we met up for lunch at Udi's. If you come to visit denver, we'll take you there :)


After lunch, we went to The Container Store. and I.AM.IN.LOVE.!!! It was the first time my mom and I have ever been and let me tell you that it is such an amazing store. If you like organizing, then you would love this. They have all sorts of cute containers (obviously), and ways to organize your home. The boys didn't really understand how cool it was, but whatev.

Thanks for coming this weekend mom and dad! We had a blast and can't wait for another visit :)

Thursday, September 20

gravy fries and guns

Last night we went exploring to find a fun place to eat in Denver. That's one of the best things about this place is that there are tons of original/unique restaurants. 

Here's Devin in front of some cool houses.
Yesterday I burned myself with the curling iron. It looks like lipstick. Ouch

We found a great restaurant called "Steubens."
We ordered the gravy fries and I can proudly say that I only had 3 fries. I'm practicing self control.
My salad was INCRED! I even ate the leftovers today. (I HATE leftovers and never ever eat them. So this means it was a really good salad.)
Here is the front of the restaurant.

Today we took a drive up into the mountains to find a place to shoot. It's a lot harder here to find open land to shoot on-definitely took that for granted in Utah. We drove for about 45 minutes and found this little tiny dirt pit that we had to share with another guy. 

The drive was gorgeous though!
This boy loves guns.

and I love diet coke.
But I can hold my own and shoot with the best of them! (that's the gun that devin built and my favorite one to shoot. pretty sweet right? boy's got skills)

Isn't denver pretty? That was on the way home.
And now devin has his guns out to clean them. and I'm pretending like I don't see his mess. :)

Anyone else's hubby have an obsession/hobby?
Have you ever turned down gravy fries??

Tuesday, September 18

What to do when your husband leaves town

Devin spent Sunday/Monday in Phoenix for an interview at their medical school. Yippee! 
It was my first time being alone in Denver. So sad right? Here's a recap of how I handled the separation anxiety.

First things first.
A couple hours before he left, I never left his side. Not sure if he noticed this or not, but I was acting really attached and taking creepy pictures while he took his sunday nap so that I wouldn't forget what he looked like.
After he left, I covered our window on our door with construction paper to prevent the homies in Aurora from looking in. (just kidding. that's never happened. But you never can be too careful.)
I was so excited because when Devin got home, he asked if i got the idea off of pinterest. Such a good compliment. 
Next up, I made my favorite treat: Funfetti Cake Batter Buddies. sorry it doesn't like that great, but I promise it's incred!
Then I made my favorite salad: Ramen Noodle Salad. The 2 things that I made, happen to be Devin's least favorite things. So I had to make them while he was gone, just to be fair.

Then I made sure there was a loaded gun by my bed when I went to sleep. Paranoid much?
In the morning, I got up, ran 3 miles, and went to a job interview like responsible adults do.

As I turned the corner to leave my interview, there was a Target right in front of me. 
I am so happy I went in, because their fall line just came out. Love it!

I bought the best deer shirt ever! for only $15!
And some army pants to go with the deer/hunting theme.
That put me in a bargain shopping mood, so I went to Good Will (it's basically a DI incase you live in utah). and after searching through loads of crap, I found weights for $6! It took forever to find a matching pair, but was totally worth it for that price. (don't worry mom- I disinfected them before use.)

and then I worked out for the second time in one day, because that's how bored I was. 
Jillian Michaels is going to be the death of me! She is so hard core. I totally recommend the 30 day shred dvd. I found it at best buy for $10 (thanks Bob for the giftcard. my muscles are stronger because of you.) 
This dvd is awesome because there are 3 different 20 minute work outs- so it's quick, but super intense. It's perfect to do at home or when you go out of town and need a way to work out. I did it twice when we were out of town for hunting last weekend. It's the

And just to make this post have a few more pictures...

I LOVE e-cards so much that I just had to include them. I just die of laughter every time I read them. 
and my favorite one of all time:

Sunday, September 16

my new hobby

Oh my goodness. I found my new favorite hobby.
ELK (and deer) HUNTING.

haha seriously though. 
We drove to Grand Junction, CO on Wednesday to go hang out with a bunch of Rigg family. 
We got up thursday at 4:30 am to go hunting. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was so much fun!
We drove up into the mountains and went hunting on a friend's private property. It was gorgeous!! What could be better than walking/creeping around in the mountains, being super quiet, and looking for animals? I love how quiet and peaceful it is in the mountains. It was so fun!

Love this picture of Devin and his G-pa Rigg. Gorgeous sunrise right?

This is my attempt at looking like a Cabella's model. Excellent right?
Isn't this creepy? Sorry. I promise this is the only gross, dead animal picture I will put up.
It was so crazy because it didn't bother me when they gutted the deer. Like in my head I knew it was gross and that I should be puking, but I didn't get queasy or anything. I literally watched everything and held the flashlight and one of the deer's legs while they cut it open and pulled all of the guts out. Guess I should've been a nurse or somethin.

Here's a pic of the boys. Devin is holding the heart. What a man.
Lookin so good in orange!
The next morning, cousin Eric and his wife Ashley, joined us from Provo!
It was fun having another girl around!

We got a little discouraged when we couldn't find any elk/deer after looking for a few hours. So we just hung out in the truck and had a good chat.
Grandpa Rigg has some awesome horses. And a mule named Mindy. They love me because I gave them apples. 
Devin was way confused about why I gave them apples (he didn't know it was allowed) and I said, "Devin. I know what they like. I studied horses." 
and he said, "You had an obsession with horses. There's a difference." 
Ouch.. Touche my friend. 
I really did have an obsession when I was little. Horse calendars... horse toys... horse that looked like a horse...  Asherzzz can attest to that.

Grandpa Rigg is the best Opthamologist ever! and we were lucky enough to get our eyes checked while we were visiting. 
Best moment of my life: Shooting a target from 200 yards away. That's 2 football fields people!
Here are the boys shooting.
We were so sad to leave! But the drive back was incred! The drive between Denver and Grand Junction is gorgeous and goes right through the mountains the entire time. I love it!

Til next time Grand Junction!