Thursday, September 27

a rant. and some running

Excuse me while I rant for a moment.
The other day at the grocery store, this is how close (or far) I parked from the car next to me. 

As I was walking into the grocery store, a lady was walking out and said to the people with her (extra loud for me to hear) "Why do white people ALWAYS park so close to me?"

Excuse me???
How bout we stop being so racist!!
Can you imagine if I would've said, "Why do (fill in the blank...) people always park so close to me?"
I would've been put in jail or something. Sheesh!

Okay my rant is over. 

On a happier note, I met a really nice lady at the gym at the beginning of the week, and yesterday we went and ran together. It was a nice, easy 4 miles, but so fun to run with someone. (i love her accent-born and raised in Italy.)  The time went by really really fast. It was great!

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner! It was really fun and they are pretty hilarious. I made some yummy snickerdoodles for dessert because one of the elders is allergic to chocolate. Isn't that awful? Poor guy! 

Here's the recipe. It's amazing! (Bake them at 350 degrees- not 300 like it says.)

Are snickerdoodles a Utah thing? Because neither of the missionaries had ever heard of them before. (they are from vegas and canada...)


  1. Who is the kid from vegas!? We have a ton of kids from my home ward in Denver

    1. His name is elder mcfadden. but he said he's only lived in vegas for a year. does it ring a bell?


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