Thursday, September 20

gravy fries and guns

Last night we went exploring to find a fun place to eat in Denver. That's one of the best things about this place is that there are tons of original/unique restaurants. 

Here's Devin in front of some cool houses.
Yesterday I burned myself with the curling iron. It looks like lipstick. Ouch

We found a great restaurant called "Steubens."
We ordered the gravy fries and I can proudly say that I only had 3 fries. I'm practicing self control.
My salad was INCRED! I even ate the leftovers today. (I HATE leftovers and never ever eat them. So this means it was a really good salad.)
Here is the front of the restaurant.

Today we took a drive up into the mountains to find a place to shoot. It's a lot harder here to find open land to shoot on-definitely took that for granted in Utah. We drove for about 45 minutes and found this little tiny dirt pit that we had to share with another guy. 

The drive was gorgeous though!
This boy loves guns.

and I love diet coke.
But I can hold my own and shoot with the best of them! (that's the gun that devin built and my favorite one to shoot. pretty sweet right? boy's got skills)

Isn't denver pretty? That was on the way home.
And now devin has his guns out to clean them. and I'm pretending like I don't see his mess. :)

Anyone else's hubby have an obsession/hobby?
Have you ever turned down gravy fries??


  1. Love the new blog header! So awesome!

    1. thanks ash! it took me forever. this technology stuff is quite difficult

  2. Taber's new obsession is remote control airplanes. Do not introduce them to Devin, he will spend all of your money on them and all his free time flying them, your life will never be the same again!...LOL!! Seriously though, Taber is so into RC planes right now, it cracks me up. Guess it's good for our boys to have hobbies though, keeps them happy :)


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