Sunday, September 16

my new hobby

Oh my goodness. I found my new favorite hobby.
ELK (and deer) HUNTING.

haha seriously though. 
We drove to Grand Junction, CO on Wednesday to go hang out with a bunch of Rigg family. 
We got up thursday at 4:30 am to go hunting. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was so much fun!
We drove up into the mountains and went hunting on a friend's private property. It was gorgeous!! What could be better than walking/creeping around in the mountains, being super quiet, and looking for animals? I love how quiet and peaceful it is in the mountains. It was so fun!

Love this picture of Devin and his G-pa Rigg. Gorgeous sunrise right?

This is my attempt at looking like a Cabella's model. Excellent right?
Isn't this creepy? Sorry. I promise this is the only gross, dead animal picture I will put up.
It was so crazy because it didn't bother me when they gutted the deer. Like in my head I knew it was gross and that I should be puking, but I didn't get queasy or anything. I literally watched everything and held the flashlight and one of the deer's legs while they cut it open and pulled all of the guts out. Guess I should've been a nurse or somethin.

Here's a pic of the boys. Devin is holding the heart. What a man.
Lookin so good in orange!
The next morning, cousin Eric and his wife Ashley, joined us from Provo!
It was fun having another girl around!

We got a little discouraged when we couldn't find any elk/deer after looking for a few hours. So we just hung out in the truck and had a good chat.
Grandpa Rigg has some awesome horses. And a mule named Mindy. They love me because I gave them apples. 
Devin was way confused about why I gave them apples (he didn't know it was allowed) and I said, "Devin. I know what they like. I studied horses." 
and he said, "You had an obsession with horses. There's a difference." 
Ouch.. Touche my friend. 
I really did have an obsession when I was little. Horse calendars... horse toys... horse that looked like a horse...  Asherzzz can attest to that.

Grandpa Rigg is the best Opthamologist ever! and we were lucky enough to get our eyes checked while we were visiting. 
Best moment of my life: Shooting a target from 200 yards away. That's 2 football fields people!
Here are the boys shooting.
We were so sad to leave! But the drive back was incred! The drive between Denver and Grand Junction is gorgeous and goes right through the mountains the entire time. I love it!

Til next time Grand Junction! 

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