Tuesday, September 25

parents visit denver!

This weekend my parents came to visit Denver! It was so fun to show them around and have them see our new place.

They got here saturday morning and we walked over to Einstein's for breakfast. Delicious!

The pumpkin bagel is incredible by the way..
We went to IKEA and target. We got our first table! (at our apartment in provo, everything was furnished. and so this is our first table that we've actually owned.)

Isn't it gorgeous?? Thanks mom and dad!
We spent time putting the table together... eating pizza... and hanging out.

Then we went to a Rockie's game! It was such a gorgeous night to be outside.
We went to dinner after at Rockbottom Pub and Brewery. So yummy! 
I love this picture of my dad. Somehow he is horizontal...
The "Blaine face".
They came to our ward on Sunday and I'm pretty sure my dad knows more people in our ward after one day, than I know after 2 months. He is quite the social butterfly, as many of you probably know. By the end of church, he was introducing me to people. ..
We basically hung out that afternoon and I made a yummy Cilantro Lime Chicken Bake. Loved it! But it took quite a while to make. Lots of steps in that recipe.

After dinner, we went to a Mitt Romney Rally! It was amazing! I just love that guy and loved seeing him in person!

My dad made a new friend of course. They were hilarious together and telling all sorts of political jokes. My dad was totally in his element at this rally.

I love this country. And I love our flag.
So excited for mitt to arrive! (i love our friend in the background.)
Somehow we arrived at the perfect time, because we ended up being right up close to the stage on the second row! We were behind him, but that did not matter at all- he turned around a lot.
The best part was shaking his hand. I WAS FREAKING OUT! And he even looked me in the eye and said hi! ahhhhhhh. I was shaking so bad after because I was just so excited!

The best part was that we made it on Mitt's instagram! We are in the bottom left hand corner. 

The next day, I got up and worked out and met a new exercise buddy! (more on that later.) and then relaxed and slowly got ready.
I think we all wore each other out this weekend. My mom didn't wake up til 11! 
When we all were ready, we met up for lunch at Udi's. If you come to visit denver, we'll take you there :)


After lunch, we went to The Container Store. and I.AM.IN.LOVE.!!! It was the first time my mom and I have ever been and let me tell you that it is such an amazing store. If you like organizing, then you would love this. They have all sorts of cute containers (obviously), and ways to organize your home. The boys didn't really understand how cool it was, but whatev.

Thanks for coming this weekend mom and dad! We had a blast and can't wait for another visit :)

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