Sunday, September 9

something in the water

Denver is rubbing off on me. 
There must be somethin in the water here!
Here is what I'm working on right this second...
yeah that's right... home-made granola bars.
They're actually quite tasty! and quite healthy! (that goes without saying)
BUT if you decide to make them, use a really ripe banana. I did not. and it's just not as sweet as it could be.
We went to REI this weekend with some giftcards from our wedding.
and i was so excited that devin let me get a camelback water bottle! I love it so much and already have filled it up 5 times since last night. 

Devin's grandpa bob is in town for a medical conference here in denver! We went and visited him at his hotel tonight.
He seriously is the best! He always carries fudge and diet coke around with him in a cooler. 

and he shares!

Here are my new purple polka dot pants. 
i'm in love.
And here's the view from the couch. I finally unpacked every single box! and just need to find a place for a few things that you can see there on the ground...

can't wait to go running tomorrow!
if you read my last post, totally do the workout that i put up! I have been so sore today and it feels amazing! Let me know if you do it so that I can see if i'm just a baby or if it really is hard :) k thanks.


  1. your place looks so cute!! Cant wait to visit! Also I have been dying to buy one of those waterbottles. Love them.

  2. Cute place! And I loooove the polka dot pants. You have inspired me to do your workout, so I'm going to try it today. I'll let you know how it goes. If you were sore then I probably won't be able to move tomorrow!


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