Wednesday, September 12

the not so secret shopper

i have the weirdest temporary job.
I'm a secret shopper. I go into stores and restaurants and try to buy beer or cigs and see if they ID me. 
It's like a test. and it's pretty hilarious. I get sooooo excited when they ID me. and I get so sad when they don't because then I have to give them a red card and report them and it's just super sad. 
Poor Jose B. He looked pretty down when I gave him his red card :(

It's funny because most of them say: i knew you were a secret shopper. 
Why? Cuz i don't look like a smoker? Glad you caught on..
One waiter told me that he knew I was a secret shopper because I stumbled over the name of the beer I ordered. I don't recall that, but I don't doubt that it happened. I'm not up on all of the names yet.

Basically it's just a hilarious experience.

But. The job hunt continues!
I went to an interview at 24 hour fitness today. Well, I thought it was an interview. There were 50 PEOPLE in a room and we went around and introduced ourselves and then they asked questions and you could raise your hand if you wanted to. It was pretty pointless because how are they supposed to get to know anyone? Super strange.

This sums up how I feel about job hunting.



  1. You should teach piano! I used to travel to students' homes. You would be so great at that. Let me know if you want any advice if you decide to do that

  2. Alicia! I've been wanting to call you, but for some reason I don't have your number. I really want to talk. Could u email me your number?


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