Tuesday, September 18

What to do when your husband leaves town

Devin spent Sunday/Monday in Phoenix for an interview at their medical school. Yippee! 
It was my first time being alone in Denver. So sad right? Here's a recap of how I handled the separation anxiety.

First things first.
A couple hours before he left, I never left his side. Not sure if he noticed this or not, but I was acting really attached and taking creepy pictures while he took his sunday nap so that I wouldn't forget what he looked like.
After he left, I covered our window on our door with construction paper to prevent the homies in Aurora from looking in. (just kidding. that's never happened. But you never can be too careful.)
I was so excited because when Devin got home, he asked if i got the idea off of pinterest. Such a good compliment. 
Next up, I made my favorite treat: Funfetti Cake Batter Buddies. sorry it doesn't like that great, but I promise it's incred!
Then I made my favorite salad: Ramen Noodle Salad. The 2 things that I made, happen to be Devin's least favorite things. So I had to make them while he was gone, just to be fair.

Then I made sure there was a loaded gun by my bed when I went to sleep. Paranoid much?
In the morning, I got up, ran 3 miles, and went to a job interview like responsible adults do.

As I turned the corner to leave my interview, there was a Target right in front of me. 
I am so happy I went in, because their fall line just came out. Love it!

I bought the best deer shirt ever! for only $15!
And some army pants to go with the deer/hunting theme.
That put me in a bargain shopping mood, so I went to Good Will (it's basically a DI incase you live in utah). and after searching through loads of crap, I found weights for $6! It took forever to find a matching pair, but was totally worth it for that price. (don't worry mom- I disinfected them before use.)

and then I worked out for the second time in one day, because that's how bored I was. 
Jillian Michaels is going to be the death of me! She is so hard core. I totally recommend the 30 day shred dvd. I found it at best buy for $10 (thanks Bob for the giftcard. my muscles are stronger because of you.) 
This dvd is awesome because there are 3 different 20 minute work outs- so it's quick, but super intense. It's perfect to do at home or when you go out of town and need a way to work out. I did it twice when we were out of town for hunting last weekend. It's the bomb.com

And just to make this post have a few more pictures...

I LOVE e-cards so much that I just had to include them. I just die of laughter every time I read them. 
and my favorite one of all time:


  1. Yay I LOVE your comments on my blog! So glad to know someone reads my blog haha! I HATE HATE HATE when Blake leaves town too and totally have a loaded gun by my bed everytime. Wish you were here cause then we'd have sleepeovers when lame husbands leave! Good news is you had fabulous treats and got a very classy shirt!!!

    1. Sounds like a good way to spend it. I love making foods Nic doesn't like when he is gone. why was Devin interviewing in phoenix?

    2. Janey- he was interviewing at the medical school there. So we might be moving again next year. Crazy!

    3. rylee- i totally wish we lived closer! We could have some awesome sleep overs :) "candy hearts at 2 am?"


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