Wednesday, October 31

the beaches of san diego

Ready for more california pictures?

That's what i thought!

The fam on the beach! I love self timer pictures so much!

this is the view from the top of our treacherous stairs that went down to the beach. 

I had a panic attack the first few times that I used the stairs. I coped by focusing on the stair i was on and praying. It was really scary.

Such a gorgeous weekend

On Thursday my dad and I went on a 9 mile run. He tricked me into going that far by telling me we were going to do 4 or 5 along the beach. We ended up going wayyyy more than that. But it was so much fun! Great running buddy.. gorgeous weather... lots of oxygen (sea level)... great view of the ocean.
On Saturday we met up with his friend from college and some other dude to run 6 miles. It was really fun. We went on some trails and I was reallly proud of myself for keeping up with a bunch of dudes.

This is where we watched the sunset every night.

Surf's up!

My surfer boy

Tuesday, October 30

San Diego wedding

This weekend we went to San Diego for our see our cutest friend ever, Jenna Mazey, get married!
Since lil' J is so close to our family, the whole fam flew out and stayed in a beach house.
It was so amazingly relaxing and fun! and really really hard to come back.
80/90 degree weather each day...laying in the sun.. playing on the beach... seeing close friends... and being with family. Nothing better than that.

Here we are a couple days before the big day!
I'm pretty sure they are the cutest, happiest couple in the whole world! 
I'm not joking- I get goosebumps when I look at this picture. They are totally made for each other!
 more goosebumps...
 Wedding guests.

We're still in love too :)

The gorgeous San Diego temple. 
These girls were all in the same study abroad in jerusalem once upon a time! and still BFF's

Me and cute jenna :)

 Mitt Romney??? oh... hey dad. (i still get a kick out of it when strangers come up to him and tell him he looks like mitt romney. he was a big hit at the wedding.)

More pictures to come of the beach and all that good stuff!

Monday, October 22

our blur of a week

This week has been way busy. We both started new jobs and then Devin's family came in to town!
It was so much fun having them here and showing them around.
The first night (wednesday), we went to dinner at a restaurant around the corner from us called Berkshire. They have THE BEST bacon i've ever had. Hallie was in heaven!

Everything is kind of a blur, but basically we ate lots of yummy food, shopped, went to a movie, and shopped some more!

This is my new favorite breakfast place: Snooze. 
There's always a really long wait, which is always a good sign...
Look at this pancake! My stomach is growling just looking at it. 

One of my favorite things about Devin's family is how they can become best friends with anyone they meet in an instant. This is our waiter at CPK sitting down at our table and showing us pictures of his dog and telling us his life story. 
I also like how my father in law has some sick yo yo tricks!

Here's another picture of some amazing food we had. 
The bread pudding at Nordstrom Cafe is to die for! 

Here we are in downtown denver on friday night. Super fun. We had a yummy dinner and walked around near larimer square.

And this is devin fixing his flat tire with the AAA guy. I think having 6 people in the car pushed the truck to its limits.

On a different note...
Work is great! I raised my hand at a staff meeting and requested that everyone stop using the F word. .. that was awkward.

Today I went to Body Pump at the gym! It's SOOOO hard! but such a great work out. I loved it! 
I went to the gym at noon, in between my jobs,  and it was packed with people! Everyone is super healthy in Colorado. It's nuts.

Tuesday, October 16

my two new jobs

I started both of my jobs this week.
And I have come to the realization that 
starting a new job is the pits.
Luckily, I have had various jobs since high school and know that
 it does get better.
It just takes time and that's okay.

Job # 1
Yesterday I started nannying for 2 little boys.
They are soooo sweet and very helpful. 
But it still was just... awkward. ?? Can't explain it.
Another downside was that I had to iron the family's clothes. 
mmm k... if you know me very well, you know that 
i. do. not. iron. ever.
let me know in the comments below if you have any ironing tips. (doesn't even have to be a tip. maybe just how to do it.)
I'm completely lost and have a burned thumb from it.

Job # 2
Today I started working at 24 hour fitness. 
Love that place. Love having a gym membership.
Hate hearing the F word like a billion times a day.
Is it just because everyone I work with is college age ish? 
or does everyone outside of utah use the F word every other sentence? Where are my mormon peeps??
Talk about culture shock.

Oh and apparently my pants were blue and not black.
I bought them a year ago and the tag said black! Tevs.

I have to just keep telling myself that I'm lucky to be employed, keep a good perspective, and commiserate with my hubby who gets in trouble at work too :)

Monday, October 15

sunday craft and workout playlist

Last night I did a craft that i found on pinterest!
I'm really happy with the way it turned out. but not so happy about how many times i burned my fingers on the hot glue gun.. 

I'm still trying to find the perfect spot for it. I originally wanted to hang it on the front door, but then I would never see it.. So right now it's just chillin on our coat closet door knob.

Now onto some very important business... 
I have a huge playlist of work out songs. I go through the playlist each time I run and I always skip certain songs and don't skip others. I narrowed it down to my top 10 songs that I never eva eva get tired of. They always pump me up!

My newest addition to this list is "Hall of Fame". I LOVE IT! on saturday I listened to it 5 times. never got bored. that song is here to stay.

Do you have any favorite workout songs? 
Do tell!
i'm looking to add to my list.
1.  must have a good beat. 
2. happy/motivational lyrics. i can't run to sad or angry songs. 
i'm just weird like that.

Sunday, October 14

mind tricks for working out

Yesterday I woke up at 11:30 (i'm such a baby. love my sleep) and I had no desire to run. So, I tricked myself into going to the gym by saying I would just go and walk for 20 minutes (i actually use this tactic quite often). I ended up running the fastest 7 miles I've ever done. Sometimes you just need to trick your mind into getting to the gym/treadmill/outside/whatever it is you do,  and your body will do the rest!

2 miles--17:15
3 miles--26:18
4 miles- 35:46
5 miles-- 45:13
6 miles-- 54:52
7 miles-- 1:05

I know this isn't the fastest in the world, but I usually just take my time, run and walk, watch gossip girl, and relax. But this time I really pushed myself and only let myself walk a couple of times. I stayed at an 8:30 min. mile pace and slowly increased speed until I was at 8:13. oh yeah!!

I finished just in time to watch the BYU game! It was a pretty disappointing ending, but I am in LOVE with the black uniforms! They looked so good. I vote we change byu's colors to black! Who's with me?

I drank tons of chocolate milk after my run because that was literally the only thing that sounded good. That and some pb&j toast with 3 carrots. (i have been hating vegetables lately so i made myself eat three.)

Devin got home from work and we went out to dinner at The Cherry Cricket! We went there last weekend and loved it, so we decided to go again. They gave me the largest diet coke ever and I drank the whole thing.... and then couldn't fall asleep til like 2 am. learned my lesson.

I'm so proud of Devin for getting a job! He is working at Bass Pro (it's like cabella's) and then he will be volunteering at the med school/hospital here in Denver. He's such a cute bass pro worker :) even when he gets angry for taking his picture.

Saturday, October 13

happy birthday mom!

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world!

I feel sooooo lucky to have such a great mother. She is my best friend and has ALWAYS been there for me. I don't know what I would do without her. I call her all of the time for advice and she has the best ideas and helps me to see things clearly.

She is the sweetest person you will ever meet and loves to serve other people. If you've ever been over for dinner, you know that she is an amazing cook and always makes everyone feel so welcome! Throughout college, I always brought the most random people over for holidays, sunday dinners, etc. and she was always so happy to have them. 

(i couldn't choose which picture to put up... so just enjoy them all please...)

My mom is a great cheerleader and always encourages us. If an important event in your life is coming up, expect to get a card in the mail wishing you luck.
sweet water bottle ash!
 I thought this one was way cute. My parents handled 2 weddings in 2 months like champs!

If you came to my wedding, just know that it was ALL done by my amazing mom. She is the best designer/planner and sooo talented. and isn't she sooo pretty?(dad, you're handsome too)

and, like i said before, she's always taking care of other people. She made sure I got to actually eat some of our wedding cake :)  thanks mom. it was delicious!
 and i love this picture of her and some of my students last year. They loved her of course. This was before a performance at BYU and of course she was there cheering us on!

So.. happy birthday mom! I'm so lucky to be your daughter and I hope to be more and more like you each day! You're the best!