Monday, October 1

another rigg weekend

This weekend we went hunting... again. It was lots of fun! 
warning: the following contains a lot of pictures of animals, leaves, mountains, and people with the last name of Rigg.

During our roadtrip, we stopped in Breckenridge to go on a little hike. The leaves are gorgeous right now and i can't get enough of them!

Fall is the best! Don't ya think?

It was fun being with the Riggs again! Uncle Jeff, Gpa Bob, Devin, and Bob!

The next morning, we got up bright and early to go hunting. Look how scary. A real bear track!! It made me very nervous, but i think it's a very cute print!

Once again... pretty mountains!

We got some good exercise in, walking around everywhere. This particular morning we only saw some deer (which we weren't allowed to shoot) and one elk (which we couldn't shoot because it was a boy)
Here's a picture of grandpa bob, devin, and uncle jeff. 

my camo pants were perfect for the occasion.

Deer are so funny/dumb. They just freeze and stare at you. Like this guy...

Here is a bear den. AHHHH! I got really nervous when devin crouched down by it. He easily could've had his head bitten off.

Bob, me, devin. So glad he could make it out!

After a morning of not really finding anything, we took a Cafe Rio break! My home away from home. I love this place! The pork at this one was sub par (i'm a rio expert) but the tortilla and salad dressing was perfection.

After we cleaned up and ate, we went back up in the mountains for the afternoon until it got dark.
Devin and I found this great little spot hidden in some trees that looked over a nice valley. it was so pretty! But still- no elk.

I'm very very proud of myself. I relieved myself TWICE in the woods on this trip. I am so hard core!

The moon was gigantic!! 

The next morning, I chose to sleep in instead of going up with the boys. I must be bad luck or something because Devin shot an elk that morning!! I'm so sad i missed it! Just my luck ;)

The elk was sooooo big though! 

Look at them just man handling that thing!

My hubby is officially a man :)

Don't worry - i won't put up the gross bloody pictures of devin pulling the guts out of the thing.

I love this pic though. Best part is how bloody devin's hands are. ewwwwwwwwwww

Could they look any happier? 

 Devin bringing home the bacon...ummm elk... I'm such a proud wifey.

That night, we cooked the heart. and it was SO GROSS! I had the tiniest bite ever and thought it was nasty. Bad texture and taste. 

After lunch, Karen (gpa bob's wife), taught us how to make her famous Rigg fudge! This stuff is incredible and I'm so happy I learned her secret!

Gpa Bob lives off of that stuff (not sure how he stays so thin...) and now that I know how to make it, we can carry on the Rigg tradition!

It was a great weekend!! Now our freezer is packed with elk meat! SUCCESS!

Next weekend I will make Devin go to the mall/get his nails done to make up for all of this manly hunting we've been doing ;)

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  1. Aw!! So fun seeing pics of the Rigg Ranch! That's awesome that you guys got to hunting with G-pa Bob! Taber is jealous! Also glad you learned to make Karen's fudge, that stuff is the best!


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