Sunday, October 7

C weekend

 Conference weekend is the best! I love spending 2 days on my couch, especially when it's freezing outside. It makes it so cozy!

Yesterday I made the most incredible Baked French Toast! (or as Devin calls it, French Toast Pie.) It is soooo yummy and if you are looking for somethin special to make for breakfast, then this is it! (just make sure you work out before... it's not the healthiest thing ever.)

Yesterday we saw it snowing for the first time this season! and the following pic was taken at 4:00 in the afternoon! it was soooooooo cold yesterday and I don't think i was really prepared for it to get cold so quick!
Last night we went to dinner with some friends at a fun little burger place called The Cherry Cricket! I had to include a picture of it that I found online because it was just such a cool little hole in the wall place. But it was delicious and PACKED! Denver is just awesome like that. So many unique places to go.

Devin went to priesthood sesh while I went home and watched gossip girl, painted pumpkins, and ate muddy buddies, for 3 hours. I loved every minute of it! I've learned how to enjoy being alone I guess. 

Devin came home and we watched some football! I just love watching Oregon play. They are so good and have the best uniforms evaaa! I'm proud to say that I was born there- I'm a true oregonian. 

We went to the store at 11 pm to get some milk and for some reason we took a self timer pic. I just love my striped christmas socks with my moccasins... ALWAYS a good idea. And I also love that we strike the same pose. MFE

And one last thing that devin would like to contribute. . this is his version of ear plugs. should i take this as a hint?

oh and p.s. it's my half birthday today!

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  1. Can't believe it's that cold already over there!! We were in the mid 70's yesterday! Craziness! Love Conference weekend, it's the best :) also jealous of your celebrity sighting in that last post! I love me some Mitt Romney!


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