Sunday, October 14

mind tricks for working out

Yesterday I woke up at 11:30 (i'm such a baby. love my sleep) and I had no desire to run. So, I tricked myself into going to the gym by saying I would just go and walk for 20 minutes (i actually use this tactic quite often). I ended up running the fastest 7 miles I've ever done. Sometimes you just need to trick your mind into getting to the gym/treadmill/outside/whatever it is you do,  and your body will do the rest!

2 miles--17:15
3 miles--26:18
4 miles- 35:46
5 miles-- 45:13
6 miles-- 54:52
7 miles-- 1:05

I know this isn't the fastest in the world, but I usually just take my time, run and walk, watch gossip girl, and relax. But this time I really pushed myself and only let myself walk a couple of times. I stayed at an 8:30 min. mile pace and slowly increased speed until I was at 8:13. oh yeah!!

I finished just in time to watch the BYU game! It was a pretty disappointing ending, but I am in LOVE with the black uniforms! They looked so good. I vote we change byu's colors to black! Who's with me?

I drank tons of chocolate milk after my run because that was literally the only thing that sounded good. That and some pb&j toast with 3 carrots. (i have been hating vegetables lately so i made myself eat three.)

Devin got home from work and we went out to dinner at The Cherry Cricket! We went there last weekend and loved it, so we decided to go again. They gave me the largest diet coke ever and I drank the whole thing.... and then couldn't fall asleep til like 2 am. learned my lesson.

I'm so proud of Devin for getting a job! He is working at Bass Pro (it's like cabella's) and then he will be volunteering at the med school/hospital here in Denver. He's such a cute bass pro worker :) even when he gets angry for taking his picture.


  1. Paul wants to know if Devin hates his job or what?

    1. no he loves it!! he just had a sad face because I was taking his picture :)


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