Monday, October 22

our blur of a week

This week has been way busy. We both started new jobs and then Devin's family came in to town!
It was so much fun having them here and showing them around.
The first night (wednesday), we went to dinner at a restaurant around the corner from us called Berkshire. They have THE BEST bacon i've ever had. Hallie was in heaven!

Everything is kind of a blur, but basically we ate lots of yummy food, shopped, went to a movie, and shopped some more!

This is my new favorite breakfast place: Snooze. 
There's always a really long wait, which is always a good sign...
Look at this pancake! My stomach is growling just looking at it. 

One of my favorite things about Devin's family is how they can become best friends with anyone they meet in an instant. This is our waiter at CPK sitting down at our table and showing us pictures of his dog and telling us his life story. 
I also like how my father in law has some sick yo yo tricks!

Here's another picture of some amazing food we had. 
The bread pudding at Nordstrom Cafe is to die for! 

Here we are in downtown denver on friday night. Super fun. We had a yummy dinner and walked around near larimer square.

And this is devin fixing his flat tire with the AAA guy. I think having 6 people in the car pushed the truck to its limits.

On a different note...
Work is great! I raised my hand at a staff meeting and requested that everyone stop using the F word. .. that was awkward.

Today I went to Body Pump at the gym! It's SOOOO hard! but such a great work out. I loved it! 
I went to the gym at noon, in between my jobs,  and it was packed with people! Everyone is super healthy in Colorado. It's nuts.


  1. i love reading your blog! You and Devin seem to be having such a fantastic time!

  2. The bread pudding at Nordstrom Cafe is one of my favorites!!!! So yummy!


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