Tuesday, October 2

pumpkin patch and celeb sighting

Yesterday I talked Devin into taking me to a pumpkin patch because it's october and time to get pumpkins! Yippee!!
We pulled up and there was NO ONE in sight. Of course I got made fun of for taking us all the way out into farm country just for pumpkins and my punishment was to get my picture taken as a bird.

I loved that there was this huge pile of pumpkins! Don't ask me why we are leaning like that- it just sorta happened.

 the hubs is such a good sport. he always goes along with my antics.

It was so hard to decide what pumpkins to choose and as time went on, they all started to look the same.

I think we did a good job though! (we got some baby pumpkins as well. Devin told me that it's not possible for a pumpkin to be cute, but i beg to differ.)
I love how he put them on the porch. It's like they're in a line up or something.

This morning I woke up at 10:45. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have found that the prime amount of sleep for me is 11 hours, but I realize that it's just not practical, unless you are jobless/waiting to start a job and have nothing better to do! I guess I'll just have to enjoy these last few mornings of sleeping in that I have.

When I finally woke up, Devin and I went over to our neighborhood gym. On our way over we saw all of these police cars and the streets were blocked off. A guy told us that MITT ROMNEY was a block away at Chipotle for lunch! Being the Mitt fan that I am, we immediately walked over and just as we got there he was getting into his car. I didn't get my phone out fast enough so I only had the chance to snap a picture after he got in his car. 

It was so exciting though and as he drove off he waved to us!! 

After all of the excitement, we made it to the gym and I ran 5 miles!! I wasn't planning on running at all actually because I am soooo sore from level 2 of "jillian michael's 30 day shred" that I did yesterday. But somehow I just kept going!

On the menu for tonight was elk burgers!! Yee ha!

It really wasn't too bad! Not even close to the gross elk heart that we ate over the weekend...

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