Friday, October 12

rio, parks, with a side of chia toast

The other night we drove to Ft. Collins for the first time so that Devin could have a guy paint some gun parts or somethin? Anyway.. we were driving back and we saw cafe rio! So of course we had to stop for dinner. I'm proud to be able to say that we have been to every cafe rio in colorado!

Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny, so we went to this park that my hair lady told me about. Washington Park (or as the locals call it "Wash Park") . It's huge and reminds me of London parks.

Devin just got the iphone 5, so we had a bit of fun with the panorama setting.

Isn't it pretty?

 More panoramic pics

and some peanut butter chia toast.

and my amazing sissy sent me some cute anthropology bow earrings for my half birthday! She's the best! Love u sister!

p.s huge thanks to those of you who commented on my last post and helped me fix my blog.


  1. What did you end up doing to fix your blog???

    1. I attached another email to it, and then just log in through that. And for some reason it works


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