Tuesday, October 30

San Diego wedding

This weekend we went to San Diego for our see our cutest friend ever, Jenna Mazey, get married!
Since lil' J is so close to our family, the whole fam flew out and stayed in a beach house.
It was so amazingly relaxing and fun! and really really hard to come back.
80/90 degree weather each day...laying in the sun.. playing on the beach... seeing close friends... and being with family. Nothing better than that.

Here we are a couple days before the big day!
I'm pretty sure they are the cutest, happiest couple in the whole world! 
I'm not joking- I get goosebumps when I look at this picture. They are totally made for each other!
 more goosebumps...
 Wedding guests.

We're still in love too :)

The gorgeous San Diego temple. 
These girls were all in the same study abroad in jerusalem once upon a time! and still BFF's

Me and cute jenna :)

 Mitt Romney??? oh... hey dad. (i still get a kick out of it when strangers come up to him and tell him he looks like mitt romney. he was a big hit at the wedding.)

More pictures to come of the beach and all that good stuff!

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