Wednesday, October 31

the beaches of san diego

Ready for more california pictures?

That's what i thought!

The fam on the beach! I love self timer pictures so much!

this is the view from the top of our treacherous stairs that went down to the beach. 

I had a panic attack the first few times that I used the stairs. I coped by focusing on the stair i was on and praying. It was really scary.

Such a gorgeous weekend

On Thursday my dad and I went on a 9 mile run. He tricked me into going that far by telling me we were going to do 4 or 5 along the beach. We ended up going wayyyy more than that. But it was so much fun! Great running buddy.. gorgeous weather... lots of oxygen (sea level)... great view of the ocean.
On Saturday we met up with his friend from college and some other dude to run 6 miles. It was really fun. We went on some trails and I was reallly proud of myself for keeping up with a bunch of dudes.

This is where we watched the sunset every night.

Surf's up!

My surfer boy

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