Wednesday, October 10

wacky wednesday.

There's just too much in my head right now. I've made today "wacky wednesday" so that I can just dump it all into this blog post and have it swept away into the internets!

1. My apartment smells like bacon. I'm currently on a bacon kick and it sounds good ALL the time. Weird right? I've never even liked bacon. Luckily I'm being smart about it and yesterday I bought turkey bacon. Tastes the same. fewer calories. less fat. WIN! 

2.The other day I entered into one of those blog giveaways and... drum roll please.... I WON! I never win anything. ever. So I'm so excited for my new workout playlist to come and start jammin'!
devin took this picture right after i won. I was so excited that i was overheating. 

3. I had to get my hair done this week AGAIN. I went a few weeks ago, but the girl just didn't dye my hair, like at all. And a couple of weeks went by and I was having horrible roots and so I went to a new place that I LOVE! Apparently it's where our whole ward goes, well, let me rephrase that- the cool moms go there. and i'm trying to find a way to get in with their group besides giving birth. So naturally i had to get my hair done at their salon. (i'm joking, mom.)

Here is a before picture. for some reason the roots were just wayyyy obvious at the gym yesterday so i had to get an awkward picture of it. I love devin's face. He thinks i'm crazy sometimes.

and here it is after. MUCH BETTER. can i get an amen?

4.Today i ran 4 miles. yesterday i did the elliptical and a nice yoga sesh. and Monday I did some speed work outside. that whole running fast thing was quite difficult but i've gotta get faster to beat my dad at the turkey trot on thanksgiving. (confession: if you know my dad, you probably know that that will probably never ever ever happen. but a girl can dream right??)

5. CHIA SEEDS. go buy them now. And while you're at it, start shopping at Whole Foods. I'm in love with that place... devin is quite the opposite and our reactions were priceless when we walked in the other day. devin immediately said "oh barf. organic? this is ridiculous." and at the same time, my eyes lit up and i said, "wow this place is incredible! fresh vegetables" Then we looked at each other in disgust...    ok not really. we just laughed. But i love how different we are when it comes to that. Devin: king of processed foods. Me: I LOVE brussels sprouts and CHIA SEEDS!!

Which brings me back to my point. Chia seeds are good and good for you!(and that's what brought us to whole foods.)  If you've read the book "Born to Run" then you know what I'm talking about. But they're these tiny little tasteless seeds that you can put on anything you want. You can even mix them with water and just drink 'em right up. (but they do get stuck in you're teeth when you do that and then your hubs won't kiss you, so that's not really a good plan.) 

here's some info:
"They are higher in antioxidant activity than blueberries, they're rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids... helps support normal cardiovascular function and fiber (who doesn't love fiber?) which helps support normal functioning of the digestive tract..."

and this is the part that's related to the book: 

"Chia seed was a diet staple of the Aztecs and Mayans. The nutrients provided sustained energy during long hunts and had numerous medicinal benefits."

I'll prove that these seeds work by beating my dad in the thanksgiving 5k. 

 6. and here we are eating hot dogs (or a turkey dog) downtown. We've been having some incredible fall weather here in D-town. 

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  1. Your hair looks great! It's the best feeling to have newly blonde hair.
    Looks like you guys are having fun in Denver!


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