Sunday, November 18

bringing the music back

This weekend was really fun, relaxing, and productive. Just what we needed!

Friday and Saturday night we met Grandpa Rigg downtown to eat at Cheesecake Factory and Chili's! He was in town this weekend for a medical conference. It was so fun to spend some quality time with him and hear all of his stories. He told us tons of stories from his career as an Opthamologist... his conversion story...and gave us some great life advice. I'm so happy that we've been able to spend so much time with him this last year.
Saturday morning I went to the gym for a couple hours. It was so nice! (and I'm so stoked that I have a membership from working at 24. BONUS!) My saturday workout: treadmill for 3 miles, elliptical for 20 minutes, stair climber for 15, weights for 30, and sauna for 15. 
I forced myself to listen to christmas music while i worked out. I've been putting it off because I've been worried that it will make me homesick, but I finally bit the bullet and listened to it. I even found some radio stations to listen to while i'm in my car and then went home and started decorating! So happy I did.

Here is my random little drawing in Sunday school today. Did any of you ever draw doob man? Or was it just me and my sister? Devin asked if it was a fork. umm no.

At church they announced me to say the prayer and called me Stephanie Green. mmmm... Still working on that whole "meeting people" thing.

And this evening has been wonderful because I've spent a couple hours playing my lovely piano. It's so fun to have a piano now and to be able to practice. Music has always been such a huge part of my life and I've definitely missed it!

Have a wonderful sunday!

Saturday, November 17

good in the world

I love this video! It shows the good things that security cameras capture!

Thursday, November 15

bad stephers

Today I talked Devin into taking me to Sports Authority to find a long sleeve running shirt. 
I couldn't find anything I liked, and so I just got a tank top.
He was really frustrated with me because I "have a billion work out tank tops and never wear them"... bla bla bla. so why get another one?
I tried to make a case that at least he has a wife that works out... and that he should be grateful... and that i'm basically amazing and the coolest person ever.
Regardless of that, he was still frustrated and so he locked me out of the car and made me ride in the back of the truck...
in 40 degree weather...

The looks I got were pretty hilarious.

Don't worry. after a little bit, he pulled into a parking lot and let me ride inside the car.

Well... I'm so proud of myself for actually blogging!
I was in such a rut after being sick and all of that and just didn't have any motivation to blog... workout... anything.
But now i have renewed motivation!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in one week! I'm sooo excited.  i love the holidays so much!

Tuesday, November 13

weekend visit

This weekend the FIL came to visit his old stomping grounds! He went to medical school here back in the day so we spent some time reminiscing in front of the old medical school.

More reminiscing... (that's the hospital in the background)

This is the house where Bob lived during medical school. How cute is that?

Devin gave an excellent talk in church on Sunday about standing in holy places. So proud of him.

Bob was only here for 24 hours, but we managed to squeeze in some fine dining. I love california pizza kitchen soooo much. Next time you go, order their butter cake. It's AMAZING.
(somehow this jacket adds 52 pounds in pictures. awesome)
We did a bit of shopping because it was freeeeezing this weekend. We got a bit of snow on Saturday but it wasn't even close to the snow that utah got. I'm really jealous.

I'm on day 9 of being sick. :( it's the pits. I ran 2 miles today and it was wayyyyy hard/frustrating. ugh.

Saturday, November 10


I've been sick ALL week! and it's driving me nuts.
I started with the flu and just stayed in bed on monday and part of tuesday.
Then it turned into a bad cold. (Which was actually kind of funny because i lost my voice for the first time.)
Working at 6 am really didn't help matters much. But luckily today is Saturday!
I woke up today at 9:00...went back to bed at 10:30... woke up at 2:00... and now i'm debating whether to take another nap or not. I love days like this :)

p.s. i'm really jealous of all of the snow utah is getting right now. 
They measured at devin's house and they got 10 inches. holy moly!!! Please send some snow this way!

Tuesday, November 6

visit to the SLC

We had such a splendid weekend in Salt Lake!
It's the first time we've been back to visit since we moved to Denver and it was so much fun seeing all of our family and friends.

When we got to Salt Lake, we went out to lunch with Devin's family to Lettuce and Ladles.
 (love this place. I would always go there in junior high).

That night, we went to see our bestest friends ever from BYU! It was so much fun to see them and meet their gorgeous baby, Adalynn. Best parents award goes to Audrey and Matt!

One of the highlights of the trip was going to lunch with my best friend L! It was so fun to catch up

Of course I couldn't visit Utah without going to Cafe Rio! 

Saturday we had a girls day! It was so fun. We went shopping, to lunch, and then met up with my dad for dinner!
Don't you love the awkward self timer pictures? 

After dinner, my dad took us to get frozen yogurt!

Then we went home to watch a movie. Ash and I were super cold and so Ash wore my mom's robe and slippers. and i wore my dad's sweatshirt and slippers.
and then we posed for pictures. because that's just what we do

Sunday we went to church with my family and then devin's family. 
Then we had lunch/dinner at my parent's house. 
My mom's cooking is da best! I've missed it so much!
She made sweet potatoes...ham...glazed carrots...zuchinni...rolls...funeral potatoes... and then ash made a yummy desert. It was incredible!

And Devin's dad came to town and joined us for dinner!

Such a fun weekend and so hard to leave! 
I'm really grateful for such wonderful friends and families.

Now, off to vote!

Sunday, November 4

proof of how weird I am

My sister is soooo talented and made a short little video of our san diego trip. If you want to see how weird/crazy I am, go ahead and watch!

Just click on the link!