Thursday, November 15

bad stephers

Today I talked Devin into taking me to Sports Authority to find a long sleeve running shirt. 
I couldn't find anything I liked, and so I just got a tank top.
He was really frustrated with me because I "have a billion work out tank tops and never wear them"... bla bla bla. so why get another one?
I tried to make a case that at least he has a wife that works out... and that he should be grateful... and that i'm basically amazing and the coolest person ever.
Regardless of that, he was still frustrated and so he locked me out of the car and made me ride in the back of the truck...
in 40 degree weather...

The looks I got were pretty hilarious.

Don't worry. after a little bit, he pulled into a parking lot and let me ride inside the car.

Well... I'm so proud of myself for actually blogging!
I was in such a rut after being sick and all of that and just didn't have any motivation to blog... workout... anything.
But now i have renewed motivation!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in one week! I'm sooo excited.  i love the holidays so much!

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