Tuesday, November 6

visit to the SLC

We had such a splendid weekend in Salt Lake!
It's the first time we've been back to visit since we moved to Denver and it was so much fun seeing all of our family and friends.

When we got to Salt Lake, we went out to lunch with Devin's family to Lettuce and Ladles.
 (love this place. I would always go there in junior high).

That night, we went to see our bestest friends ever from BYU! It was so much fun to see them and meet their gorgeous baby, Adalynn. Best parents award goes to Audrey and Matt!

One of the highlights of the trip was going to lunch with my best friend L! It was so fun to catch up

Of course I couldn't visit Utah without going to Cafe Rio! 

Saturday we had a girls day! It was so fun. We went shopping, to lunch, and then met up with my dad for dinner!
Don't you love the awkward self timer pictures? 

After dinner, my dad took us to get frozen yogurt!

Then we went home to watch a movie. Ash and I were super cold and so Ash wore my mom's robe and slippers. and i wore my dad's sweatshirt and slippers.
and then we posed for pictures. because that's just what we do

Sunday we went to church with my family and then devin's family. 
Then we had lunch/dinner at my parent's house. 
My mom's cooking is da best! I've missed it so much!
She made sweet potatoes...ham...glazed carrots...zuchinni...rolls...funeral potatoes... and then ash made a yummy desert. It was incredible!

And Devin's dad came to town and joined us for dinner!

Such a fun weekend and so hard to leave! 
I'm really grateful for such wonderful friends and families.

Now, off to vote!

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  1. Yay for visiting family!! Once you move away you just appreciate them so much more :) Tell Devin he looks dope with a beard, and I would love to get your mom's glazed carrot recipe if you have it! Sounds delish!


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