Tuesday, November 13

weekend visit

This weekend the FIL came to visit his old stomping grounds! He went to medical school here back in the day so we spent some time reminiscing in front of the old medical school.

More reminiscing... (that's the hospital in the background)

This is the house where Bob lived during medical school. How cute is that?

Devin gave an excellent talk in church on Sunday about standing in holy places. So proud of him.

Bob was only here for 24 hours, but we managed to squeeze in some fine dining. I love california pizza kitchen soooo much. Next time you go, order their butter cake. It's AMAZING.
(somehow this jacket adds 52 pounds in pictures. awesome)
We did a bit of shopping because it was freeeeezing this weekend. We got a bit of snow on Saturday but it wasn't even close to the snow that utah got. I'm really jealous.

I'm on day 9 of being sick. :( it's the pits. I ran 2 miles today and it was wayyyyy hard/frustrating. ugh.

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