Thursday, December 13

and this is what my iphone has to say

Happy 12/12/12! yesterday....
I was so upset because I looked at the clock right at 12:12 today. That would have been super cool if that happened yesterday! 

Devin and I have been playing some christmas duets lately. He's definitely my favorite student i've ever had!

I love target and I feel like i'm there every night because it's so close to where we live.

Check out this amazing fur vest that I found in the children's section. I know it's hard to see in this pic, but you can't miss those giant shoulder pads. Luckily devin talked me out of getting it.

can anyone else see a resemblance?...

D takes such good care of me. Look at him cook that taco meat.

For some reason I just keep making cookies. I guess it's just that time of year. That and guacamole? I've made 2 batches this week. Feliz navidad I guess?

It snowed about 1/4 of an inch!
An elderly man at work told me he couldn't leave the house to come to the gym because of it... I'm still confused about that.

Tuesday I ran 3 miles in 27 minutes!! i was so proud of myself. Definitely one of the highlights of the week.

I'm in love with my target wrapping paper!

 This morning i went around the corner to our little apartment gym. There is only one treadmill though. So I did the elliptical for 30 minutes while waiting for this girl to be finished walking.(not bitter at all). Finally she gets off and this other girl walks in and totally takes the treadmill. Grrrrrrrr....No one takes stepherz treadmill! 
Anyway... I left, all the while repeating in my head "christmas spirit. christmas spirit...have some christmas spirit..." and so I decided to just run outside. But i just wasn't in the mood and only ran 1.5 miles. All I could think about was eating oatmeal.

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  1. you would think that in colorado people wouldn't be phased by snow... and Devin totally did you a dis-service. Go back and get that vest!!!


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