Monday, December 31

christmas vacay part 1

I thought I would end this year right by catching up with blogging and ending my 2 week hiatus.

To start our christmas vacay, we flew to LA to visit Devin's dad.
When we arrived, we met up with one of our good good friends, Alex Coates, from our BYU days!
It was so good to see him!

We had a lot of fun in sunny california! So warm and beautiful! 

Devin's dad made sure we got our exercising in!
This is before our yoga class at the country club


Devin is surprisingly very flexible. The teacher loved him!

We were way excited to see the new remodel! It's really coming along and looks amazing!

Some more working out! It was super nice to run at sea level!

One of the nights we were there, we met up in beverly hills with one of my best friends from BYU!
It was so fun to see her and eat delicious cupcakes at Sprinkles! (sadly we didn't see any celebs)

One of the days we drove to San Diego for the Poinsettia bowl! It was BYU vs. san diego state and it was so fun to sit with all the cougars and watch BYU win. I loved it!

Bob, Devin, Me, and cousin Tessa.

A panoramic view:

We stopped by Devin's cousins house on the way home and took some pics in front of the tree and ate cake. Great way to end the evening!

Thanks for a wonderful vacation Bob! We had a blast!

Next up...
christmas vacay part 2!


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