Sunday, December 9

coloradan adventures!

Saturday morning we got up and worked out! It was lots of fun. I love working out with this guy!

We decided to go on a little Coloradan Adventure! So we drove up to Estes Park. It's this beautiful little town in the rockies, about 2 hours away from Denver. We went exploring and went to the little shops on main street.

The first thing we did was stop at subway because i was waaayyyyy hungry. as usual...
i don't know why he looks so sad in this picture. He's holding a subway sandwich for crying out loud!

After lunch, we did some christmas shopping. There were so many cute little mountain shops that entertained us for quite a while. We went in this cute old fashioned candy shop and Devin bought fireballs. (he always surprises me. I never knew that people actually liked those..)

Can you see the snowflakes?
After shopping, we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park and did a little loop. It was so fun to actually see it snowing!! It was so pretty!

Then we went to the Stanley Mansion. Apparently it is haunted and you can go on ghost tours! We didn't have time for that, but we did explore. Luckily we didn't see any ghosts.

Devin planking on a deer. (it's his first planking picture. We're a little behind the times. Better late than never right?)

The mansion had this amazing gift shop with some GORGEOUS fur vests. Too bad I didn't have 200 bucks on me..
They also had this large panda! I love pandas.

mmmmm... they also had a starbucks, so we drank some peppermint steamers. So delish!

Gorgeous view outside the mansion

On the way home we stopped in Boulder to check out the mall there and to eat at BJ's pizza! This place is incredible. Thank you ash and brad for introducing us. I promise to take you there if you come and visit!

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