Tuesday, December 4

junk drawer be gone!

I love the beginning of a new month because it's like starting over. I make new goals for the month and feel like I have magically hit the refresh button.

My december workout goals
1. run 3 miles, 5 days per week.
2. attend 2 classes at the gym per week.
3. eat healthy and stay away from treats. (besides my nightly cup of diet hot cocoa and marshmallows)

Today I had the day off and so I was able to FINALLY get to organizing a few things that i have been meaning to organize ever since we moved in. 

Everyone has a junk drawer right?
Well, mine was driving me nuts! and so I finally found 10 minutes to organize it. I had no idea how easy it would be. All I did was purchase a $6 drawer organizer at Target. (They also have really cute fancy organizers, but I couldn't justify spending $15 on my junk drawer)



Our closet was also driving me nuts. I don't even open it unless I have to because it is/was so bad looking.

Here's the BEFORE: (can't believe i let it get like this)

and AFTER:

ahhhh... (sigh of relief!)

Today I'm also working on a christmas package for Devin's brother, Ryan. and our 72 hour kits! (more on that later)

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