Monday, December 3


Better late than never right?
Be prepared for a picture overload.

Dev and I had a lovely time driving to Salt Lake for T-giving. I love road trips! and I'm hoping it rubs off on devin.. he has yet to see the joy in eating snacks... taking naps...listening to music...relaxing...chatting... stopping for diet coke... 
I looked in the gas stations for hostess donnettes and there were 7 packages left in the middle of Wyoming! It was very exciting.

Maybe he doesn't like road trips because I take pictures of him while he's sleeping. heheheh

When we got to my house, I was so excited to be home. This is how my mom found me: cuddling with piglet (my favorite stuffed animal ever) and looking at photo albums. Totally normal.

This is how i am when i'm with my family. Totally nutzzzzz... It's fine...

Listening to ashley's hilarious jokes..

Early in the week of T-giving I was sick and wasn't feeling up to doing the turkey trot. I'm totally sad about it and can't remember the last time I didn't run on thanksgiving. Super sad. 
But it was still fun to watch the boys play football!

Our good friends, Tera and Jeremy, came to the turkey bowl. They live in Arizona now and it was soooo much fun to see them!

My football hunk!

Sister dear

My dad is one crazy football player.

All of the football guys. There was a great turn out!

Another tradition of my family is to go to ihop for breakfast. (while my mom cooks...) It's very important to stretch your stomach so you are prepared for Thanksgiving dinner.
Just being crazy

My sis and I love the camera.
and the camera loves us...

My mom made the most amazing dinner ever! She never ceases to amaze me! 
Grandma and I matched the table!

Love these two!

The rest of the week was spent shopping... going to movies... zumba... running...eating.. sleeping... all the important things in life.

 the cutest/bestest parents!
My parents took us to buy christmas trees! It was so much fun. Especially because they have free candy canes! I love candy canes.

Check out this picture of my mom photo bombing
Every year we get amazing trees from our relatives: Barb and Rick. Their trees are from Oregon, so they are super special.

And that was our lovely thanksgiving. Thank you to my sister... the majority of these pictures are hers.. Love ya sissy!


  1. I love how you said its fine... Remember how we used to say that all the time?!?! So funny!! Miss you girl!!


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