Saturday, January 26

5 things

There's this thing going around on instagram where if you are tagged, you tell 5 things about yourself that people probably don't know about you. I thought I would put my 5 things on my blog for those of you who don't have instagram/don't look at it.  ie. my parents... relatives... iphone-less people...

anyway. here it is- and sorry if you already saw it

1. When I was little, my sister and I would dress up as pioneers to work in the yard... we were really cool.
2. I was so obedient in high school that I asked my parents if I could sneak out with a boy that night... they said that I could, but that I would be grounded if I did.... needless to say, it never happened.

3. I sleep with my arms behind my head and regularly elbow Devin in the face in my sleep. It makes Devin really upset.

4.  I hate being on the phone when someone is in the same room as me.  I have to go outside or in another room so they don't listen...

5.  I've won multiple eating contests... my favorites were a cereal eating contest and a crepe eating contest.

Sunday, January 20

a birthday surprise and a black eye.

On Tuesday, we hopped on a plane and flew to LA to surprise the FIL on his birthday!
We pulled up to his office just in the nick of time (he was about to leave to go to yoga and so the other doctor was trying to stall him...)
He was totally shocked that we were there. I certainly love a good surprise!

After the big surprise, we went with him to his yoga class. Let me fill you in on something--Devin is such a natural yogi! He has been to yoga maybe a total of 4 times in his life, and he is super flexible and can do all these random positions. Needless to say, the teacher loves him.

After yoga, we invited ourselves to tag along to his birthday dinner at The Grill in Westlake. It was so delicious and fancy schmancy. Lots of delicious steak to go around.

Me and Cousin Nancy Rigg.

We were only in LA for a couple of days, but we managed to:
-eat breakfast at our usual spot: Corner Bakery in Calabasas.
-work out every day at the country club. (running at sea level is the best.)
-follow the FIL around at his office.
-and eat at lots of yummy places.

Wednesday night we went to dinner at Scarpetta in the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Devin and I made the reservations and didn't realize what a nice restaurant it is! Probably a little too fancy for us paupers, but it was really fun and we were able to confirm the they have a delicious bread basket! (every single comment i read online before making the reservations, raved about their bread...way random.) 
My cute friend, Sandy, works at the Montage and called ahead to send us out a dessert! The bread pudding was incred. Thanks Sandy!

And just a random picture of devin's eye after I accidentally knee-ed him... I really underestimate my strength... Sorry D.

Sunday, January 13

football week

We've had quite the football week! 
On Monday night, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a football game... and i can't even remember what game it was. All I paid attention to was the deliciousness of the wings I was eating. For some reason i've been on this wing kick for a few months... super random. So buffalo wild wings is the perfect place for us! Devin loves sports and i love wings.

This weekend we have been babysitting a doberman named Moka. She is sooo scary!! Pretty sure she could eat me.

Isn't denver such a pretty city??

yesterday, we went to the Bronco's game! It was our first pro game that we have ever been to and it was so much fun! I love living in a city where there is a pro football team. There was a ton of energy in the stadium and so many die hard fans. I'm really bummed that they lost. They have had such a good season and totally should have won!

I've never been so cold in my life. They posted the temperature on the screen at half time and it had already gotten down to 7 degrees with a wind chill of -1!! It was so bitterly cold I can't even explain it. And the game was super long and went into double overtime. If only we would have won!

Now we're just enjoying a wonderful, lazy sunday watching the golden globes and eating jelly bellies and drinking diet pepsi. 

Thursday, January 10

my new pillow and some resolutions

This morning I got up and ran 4 miles with my running buddies, who happen to be the same age as my mother. (love ya mom.) I'm glad that they accept me into their circle of friends.

Yesterday I bought this way cute pillow from target! I love it so much! So i had to take a picture with it after my run.

Devin wouldn't let me buy this gem at target. I think it's so cute!! Who doesn't like elephants? Am I crazy here?

I've started training for another marathon (new years resolution) and i'm so excited! I found a training plan online and so far so good. I haven't decided which marathon to do, but hopefully it'll be in 6 months or so. 
Another new years resolution: I  have been buying organic food. Devin hates it. But I think it's going to make us healthier in the long run. What can be bad about eliminating processed foods and chemicals from your diet? (But don't worry- I haven't gone totally overboard with it. I still buy Devin his doritos and cookies and goldfish and root beer.)

and here is a picture of us at midnight on new year's. (someone obviously was not into this kiss)

What are your new year's resolutions?

Wednesday, January 9

last christmas post i swear...

Christmas morning we got up and went skiing at Brighton. It was soooo cold! and i was kind of dreading it. But it turned out to be way fun. 

Then, we went to Devin's house to talk to Ry guy. I miss this boy so much and it was really good to talk to him! (happy birthday to him today!)

I absolutely love how much snow we had in Utah during the break. It was so much fun.
We went one night to see the lights at Temple Square and it was gorgeous! (and cold and snowing) but lots of fun!

So romantic!

We played in the snow one of the days we were there. And of course we buried hallie in the snow! She's a good sport.
We also went sledding down our drive way... which is not very steep at all. But we are easy to entertain. 

More skiing... This pic was at Deer Valley. Love that place so much. We stayed at Devin's family's cabin the night before and then walked right out to the ski run in the morning. Perfect!

This cute girl went skiing for her first time and she was very brave. Especially because we started her out on a big scary hill. But she lived to tell the tale and LOVES skiing now. So glad we didn't scar her for life.

And one night I hung out with ash, brad, and my dad while Dev was at his house. So of course we went to the grocery store at midnight to get muscle milk, gas x, and doughnuts. I was a little hyper and thought I would share this pic of me bein cray cray.

And I could go on and on about christmas break, but i think i should move on... 

What is your fave ski resort??
Ski or snowboard?

Sunday, January 6

Christmas Eve

I found a ton of pictures from Christmas eve, so decided to just do a whole post about it.

Christmas Eve morning, i went running with my dad. It was so much fun! When we started running, it had barely stopped raining, so it was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold! The moment we got back, it turned into a blizzard. Craziness! (Sadly, this was the only run we did together outside because after  christmas there was wayyyy too much smog and it was way too cold to be outside! Like 4 degrees cold. Brrrrr.)

Here we are. My dad looks super sketchy. But at least he was warm!

View from outside when the blizzard had just started. So much fun! I love a good snow storm!

Pics in the beautiful snow!!

Before we headed out to shop.

 Every year, since the beginning of time, my dad has taken my sister and me to shop on Christmas eve. It's turned into our little tradition, and always includes getting dad's last minute gift for mother.
Since I've gotten married, we have realized that Devin's family has the same tradition! We are quite the last minute shoppers. The last couple of years we always somehow seem to meet up at the mall. It actually turns into a big social fest and isn't very productive. But that's what makes it fun, right?

Big happy fam!

The original christmas eve shopping crew (plus devin)

Devin's dad even comes up from LA to do his shopping on christmas eve!

And of course we went to cafe rio. Had to throw this picture in here! 

What did you do for christmas eve?
Anyone else a last minute shopper? or have the same tradition?

Wednesday, January 2

2012 in review!

What an amazing year! 2012 was very good to us and I hope that 2013 will be just as incredible!

1. I ran my second half marathon in St. George in January!

2. I had the most amazing year teaching 5th and 6th grade at Brookside elementary!

3. I ran my first marathon!

4. We went on an adventure to Zion's national park and I faced all of my fears!

5. Devin was honored to be in phi kappa phi!

6. Devin graduated in Neuro Science from BYU!

7. We went on an amazing Alaskan cruise!

8. I was in a ragnar relay race (wasatch back) and on a team of people I had never met before!

9. My best friend, Stefi, got married!

9. We went to Cancun!

10. We had the trip of a life time to Europe!

11. Went rafting with the fam!

12. Moved to Denver

13. We hunted quite a few times in Grand Junction, CO.

14. We became buddies with Chuck Norris and stayed at his ranch!

15. We shook Mitt Romney's hand at a rally!

16. We have had each of our families visit us in Denver

17. We had the most amazing trip to San Diego for our friend's wedding.

18. We went to LA a few times to visit Devin's dad and, most recently, watched BYU in the poinsettia bowl!