Sunday, January 20

a birthday surprise and a black eye.

On Tuesday, we hopped on a plane and flew to LA to surprise the FIL on his birthday!
We pulled up to his office just in the nick of time (he was about to leave to go to yoga and so the other doctor was trying to stall him...)
He was totally shocked that we were there. I certainly love a good surprise!

After the big surprise, we went with him to his yoga class. Let me fill you in on something--Devin is such a natural yogi! He has been to yoga maybe a total of 4 times in his life, and he is super flexible and can do all these random positions. Needless to say, the teacher loves him.

After yoga, we invited ourselves to tag along to his birthday dinner at The Grill in Westlake. It was so delicious and fancy schmancy. Lots of delicious steak to go around.

Me and Cousin Nancy Rigg.

We were only in LA for a couple of days, but we managed to:
-eat breakfast at our usual spot: Corner Bakery in Calabasas.
-work out every day at the country club. (running at sea level is the best.)
-follow the FIL around at his office.
-and eat at lots of yummy places.

Wednesday night we went to dinner at Scarpetta in the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Devin and I made the reservations and didn't realize what a nice restaurant it is! Probably a little too fancy for us paupers, but it was really fun and we were able to confirm the they have a delicious bread basket! (every single comment i read online before making the reservations, raved about their bread...way random.) 
My cute friend, Sandy, works at the Montage and called ahead to send us out a dessert! The bread pudding was incred. Thanks Sandy!

And just a random picture of devin's eye after I accidentally knee-ed him... I really underestimate my strength... Sorry D.

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